Instagram is the best place to hang around, post your thoughts, share your photos, and socialize, right? Well yes, with a monthly active user’s base over a billion, there are plenty of opportunities to follow peoples that share the same taste, immerse into the world you are interested in, or never miss an update from the celebrity you admire. Instagram lets you take photographs, edit them using their preset filters, and share them. You can follow your friends and family as well as celebrities and athletes. You can choose to have your posts be public, or make your account private and limit who can see your posts.

When you start using Instagram, the first thing you want to do is to find people to follow but as you keep using it you’ll realize having a lot of people following you is also very important. A bigger follower base is also more sales for a business person, more interested people around for a tech expert, more fan following for a celebrity, or more views on a post for a personal user. But how some people have several thousands of Instagram followers?

Nowadays, it’s very easy to buy your way into Instagram’s success, you can buy likes, or followers, or anything you want. But they are not very beneficial especially if you are running Instagram for your business. There is also a drawback buying your way into Instagram, buying likes means you are investing a certain amount of money on a regular approach, so when you stop or can’t financially afford to do that anymore it will imply that obviously your past success was all fake, and it was something that you purchased and now you can’t keep up with and that’s a dangerous spiral to find yourself in. So you definitely want to stick to an organic approach if you don’t want all of your followers to be ghosts and void. Surely you won’t struggle anymore growing organically if you take note of these 11 Simple Steps and incorporate them in your Instagram account.


Every day thousands of searches are made on Instagram by users who want to discover certain topics or find out what’s trending. Several hundred similar posts also appear on an everyday basis so finding your particular profile is not easy for people. So a well-optimized profile name is going to help here. First, add a keyword to your username that people tend to search more. For example, if you are a tech-loving guy Alex Jones, instead of keeping usernames like jonesalex98, or alexjones1998, try TechAlex or TechfromAlex. This way when a random user searches for keyword “Tech” your name holds a high probability to come top or near the top on the list.

Make sure your Bio is up to the mark. A large percentage of people on Instagram fail to create a decent bio and in terms fail to portray his specialty. A random person will not spend a whole lot of time reading your taste in people, so be specific about your specialties in your bio, add your experience, your role in society. Keep it concise, short, and simple, and add bullet marks if necessary.


Everyone loves to get positive comments and more views and likes on their photos right? So here lies another way to gain more followers. Spend some time daily going through some random accounts and leave positive comments, likes, and follow. You can go and search for a particular topic that interests you and look for the post that was published on that topic, go to the recent tab and find those posts with fewer likes and comments. Then add some positive comments and alike, What this will do is they will start noticing your name, check your profile, and probably follow you back. What you can also do is go to a big Instagram account, and post some positive comments, better if you find a big account under your niche. But try not to make it a spam habit. If you do this to persons who share the same interests, there is a high chance they will also follow you back, and in case you don’t know no how you find people with the same interest, use hashtags. 


So, when you are making interaction with the community, people will start noticing your name, checking your account, and the content you are posting… give them something they find interesting and attractive. Having a theme for your account help the audiences to relate with you easily and this is a great way to get people to discover you and potentially get more followers.

But what theme should you choose for your account? Find a theme that best defines you, adds certain aspects in your photos and videos which are pretty similar in each of your posts. You can choose a certain consistency, like genre/niche consistency, composition consistency, or color consistency. For me its a lot about nature photography and wildlife discoveries. So, find what are you passionate about and try to stick to that particular consistency.


When you add a photo or post, add hashtags that best reflect it. People will automatically like your post when they find something valuable and get to learn something from it and adding certain hashtags that define the content will put your post easily findable among others.

But you have to be creative about those hashtags, for example, if the post is about marketing strategy, instead of using hashtags like #marketingtips, #businessstrategy use tags like #b2bmarketing, #todaymarketingstrategy etc. The more you use hashtags that are common and less innovative, the more chance the post has to get buried. Instagram allows a total of 30 hashtags per post so take time to be creative before posting.


Definitely post stories more often, it makes you appear more active, people are much more likely to follow you if they see that story ring around your profile picture. Instagram stories can help new people discover your content on your page, and it’s 100% worth it.

Wait for people to see your daily activity on the story in a very creative light. It actually allows another outlet of your content on Instagram to be discovered which is something Snapchat and twitter does not really easily allow for. Grab a photo, food review, fitness post whatever your niche is Instagram stories help people discover your Instagram feed which in turn can grow your audience. There is a discoverability tactic in Instagram that other social media platform doesn’t have, like a story for location, discover page, etc so get the best out of it.


Contests are a great way to reach your audience and reward them for participating with your content and reach a whole new pool of followers. If you have something to give away then you can run a contest. However staying clear to the audience about when the contest ends, how to enter, rules of the game, etc puts your contest trustworthy and people will more likely engage themselves in the game.

You can set simple rules to enter like asking the audience to like the post, tag two friends in comments, follow you, etc or include a particular hashtag you created. Be wise about the giveaway gifts, not everyone likes to win an iPad, but be universal and choose items like Amazon/ Google Play gift cards, or a holiday coupon. Working this way will make your account more reachable to people who don’t know you and subsequently get a huge number of followers.


Simply, people are not likely to do something unless being asked right? So when you post something informative, you can ask them to comment on your photo if they agree with you, or if you post something funny maybe ask them to share the post.

You can ask questions that are less likely to get a negative reaction like you can add beautiful spring season photograph you have just taken and asked the audience do they love the spring season or not. More engagement to your posts is more followers.

Make a habit of adding your username to the posts and ask people to follow you whenever you post something, this is a great tool a whole lot of people miss out.


Did you think why some of your posts are not liked that much while some got an enormous amount of likes? Is it because of certain aspects that are liked more by your followers? Take out some of your time to go back to your previous photos and analyze which of them got the most likes and which are got less. Which of them are more relatable to your audience and the reason behind.

Once you know the likes of your audience it is only a matter of time to get a huge number of more followers.


If you have followers on other platforms then you might already be considering they are following you on all the platforms including Instagram, but this isn’t always true. Let’s say you have a large number of subscribers on YouTube but its considerably short when it comes to Instagram. So you need to drive your followers to all the platforms you are present on, and let me tell you a secret, your followers actually love to follow you in all the platforms if you produce sensible contents.

Leave a short post on Facebook or Twitter to remind them to follow you on Instagram and this will subsequently bring you a whole lot more followers than what you have now.


You got to be posting the most viral concepts. If you are a theme page then it is super easy, go to pages that are similar to your’s and see what’s working for them. You can scroll through their post, see which types of contents are getting most views on their pages, and repost the exact type of concept on your page.

If you are running a personal page, that also not too sketchy, you go to pages of person that are similar to you, like of your niche. If you are a model you go to other model’s pages, if you are a chef, see which recipes are working out for them, notice their setups, etc but add your own twist on it. There is more chance for that one post to go blow up this way.


You’ve probably seen a lot of influencers, bloggers, or even some of your friends you follow posting ads with collaborating with a company. This a great way to make some money and genuinely get more followers who are interested in those particular products or services offered by those companies. Collaborating is fun, try it with Instagram users who are already more popular than you and this will dramatically boost the followers you were looking for.

Find creative ways, maybe work on a new project with a fellow Instagrammer, try Instagram Story Takeovers to experiment with Instagram followers boosting. If you want to Cut the chase then read Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers and Best Sites To Buy Instagram Views. To conclude it can be said that it is the only platform that offers so many ways to discover what’s working for you so don’t be lazy, spend a little more time to follow these steps and probably thank me later. 🙂