Today for any company or individual, marketing certain services, products, or solutions can be done effortlessly over the internet. People used to spend time by visiting markets to get the things they needed rather now than they spend online to buy the required products. Not only customers but the sellers higher profits due to rise in digital marketplace because they can reach a large number of targeted customers around the world in a very little amount of time. Unlike traditional marketing which includes printed and electronic marketing (such as billboards, newspapers, brochures, TV, radio, etc), digital marketing does not have any significant limitations. Popular platforms like Facebook and other social media websites are inseparable parts of digital marketing because a vendor can not only promote his products on this platform but also can get to know what people think of his product and bring changes accordingly. So it is very crucial for a business to have an impactful social media presence to attain greater success.

Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users, which makes it a fantastic platform for a window to reach out to new customers if you are running a business. Being the largest social media website on the Internet, Facebook is an essential marketing tool for anyone. It is the place where everyone is spending most of their time online, for this reason, it becomes the best place to let people know about the business you are running. Facebook has witnessed its share of strangeness. Despite going through several scandals like accounts getting hacked or interference by Russia, surveys show Facebook users are not changing their behavior to their favorite website. So investing in Facebook is much worthy because it is growing fast. Facebook’s algorithm keeps changing and right now it has become difficult for business pages very few people will able to watch the posts created by business pages organically.

Facebook Usage Statistics:

  • Around 69% adults in the US use Facebook in their day-to-day life and this makes Facebook to be their most preferred social media platform.
  • 74% of Facebook active users are high earners which makes it a great platform to run advertisements.
  • Facebook ranks 3rd in the list of most reached websites, and it ranks after Google and YouTube.
  • Facebook consists of over 80 million business pages around the world.
  • Videos on Facebook have the highest amount of engagement among other content even though it is only 3% of the total content present on Facebook.
  • 49% of total active users like a Facebook page to support the brand they prefer.
  • The popular Facebook stories tool is now used by 150 million people on a daily basis.
  • The most liked fan page on Facebook is the page of Facebook itself with 214 million likes, followed by Samsung and Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan page.

Your business needs Facebook to become popular

The real goal of advertising is to just present your ads to as many people as possible. The drawback in that it is not guaranteed the persons who will watch your ads will be interested in buying your products or services. What successful advertisers do is that they show their product related advertisements in front of those users who are actually interested in buying your product or services. It is more sensible thing to do where your potential customers are present.

Facebook also allows a two-way conversation with your customers, which allows them to send you feedback or suggestions directly. Not only leads, you can build a real relationship that develops which can turn your customers into repeated buyers, which means more business and reputation for your products and company. Facebook offers the surest and easiest way to get results and value for the money you spend on advertising in other ways.

Buying Facebook Likes: The Benefits

For most of the people or businesses, the number of likes becomes the indicating factors trustworthiness and renders a good impact on clients. It is also true for the people who are visiting your page for the first time. The more likes you have on your page or post the better. Consumers are inclined to buy any products or services from those who hold a good reputation online because there lies a risk of being duped or receiving lower quality products buying from an unreliable business. To make your business more active and big, it’s important that campaigns, services, and posts uploaded by you get a considerable number of thumbs up as Facebook uses certain methods to check the integrity of the content shared by you.

These days likes are proof of social credibility. For instance, if you wanted to buy a pizza and you come across a street corner where two pizza vendors are selling and their shops stand opposite to each other. One shop has a long line out of its door and the other one is empty. Which one will you go to buy your pizza? Probably the one with the line because it must be good right? Same goes for your Facebook page, if a visitor comes to your page and finds all of your posts without much audience engagement, there is no motivation for him to like that page, or investigate about the products offered by your business. When you purchase enough Likes to create a strong foundation for your Facebook page, all of your content will have the best chance to appear more attractive to the visitors.

How to get more Facebook Likes:

So it is established that to run a reputed business page, it is necessary to have a decent number of page likes, if not less. But it is a hard task to get genuine Facebook likes on the business page you have. Fortunately, there are several companies that are specialized in this part and can make this work easy for you. The bad news is just like you have to compete in business to stay ahead of your competitors, there are multiple vendors in the market to offer the Best Deal for you.

It is quite risky if you don’t know if the place you’re buying from is safe. To make the task easy for you, we, at ChaoGolden has tested some popular websites on the internet that offer these services. Every website in this list has been thoroughly analyzed, and we took our time to fetch the accurate result of the quality, consistency, and customer support provided by each company. We did the research for you to produce the list of 10 Best Websites to Buy Facebook Likes so that you don’t need to spend any more time to decide which one to go with. The sole purpose of this list is to ensure you get the top-quality engagements for the price you paid.

Best Sites To Buy Facebook Likes

Recommended Sites
Our Rating
#1 SMMSumo 5.0/5
#2 AlwaysViral 4.9/5
#3 QQSumo 4.8/5
#4 FollowersZeal 4.6/5

To achieve a decent reputation on Facebook, you must have a vast amount of likes on your page. These listed sites will help you gain that easily. For your convenience, we also ranked them. So here is the list of 10 Top Sites to Buy Facebook Likes.

#1 SMMSumo: Most Reliable Place To Buy Facebook Likes!

ChaoGolden Rating: (5.0 / 5.0)

We bought:1000 Page Likes

SMMSumo is ranked one in the list of our top websites. At SMMSumo apart from Facebook engagements, you can buy services for your other favorite platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, SoundCloud & LinkedIn. What puts SMMSumo number one in our list is it offers a money-back guarantee and 2 years refill protection on whichever item you pick from the website. The 24×7 customer support is very satisfactory, they look forward to fix any issue in a minimum amount of time. We ordered 1000 Likes to check their services and for our surprise received 1066 Likes withing a day. An additional 66 Likes were sent to keep us satisfied and hooked.

Other than popular platform likes, they are offering organic Likes packages of Facebook at a feasible rate. To get started at SMMSumo, after you create an account you can add funds by using PayPal, using debit or credit card, net banking, or cryptocurrency (bitcoin). It is very easy to navigate through the dashboard at SMMSumo or pick or track your orders.

#2 Always Viral

Rating: (4.9/5)

We bought: 500 Page Likes
Price: $21

AlwaysViral is a great place to buy Facebook Likes. The pricing starts from $5 to get 100 Facebook Likes and up to $40 for 1000 Facebook Likes. Apart from Facebook likes, you can also buy comments and Followers. We bought 500 Facebook Likes for $21 to test their content and the result is satisfactory, we received the Likes in 24 hours of processing time as promised by them. They have small, medium-sized Likes packages up to 50k likes, which is pretty much suitable for all business pages. However, if you need a bigger Facebook Likes package, such as 100k or a million, you can request them for it. All the Likes received by us came from genuine and active Facebook profiles, which has been on the site for quite a long time. About their customer service, they have a 24×7 service helpline and did respond in a few minutes time to answer our queries.

Their services come with a 100% money-back guarantee and support various payment gateways including net banking, PayPal, debit/credit card, bitcoin, etc. Their ordering process is quite easy and fast, users only need to send the business page address to get started.

#3 QQSumo

Rating: (4.8/5)

We bought:1000 Page Likes

QQSumo is a UK based company, and they are provides social media boosting services since the year 2013. Their boosting services include boosts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify. We did a survey and found the best thing about QQSumo is their enriched customer satisfaction. Their Facebook Likes pack starts with $5 in exchange for 100 Facebook Page Likes. We bought 1000 Likes for the cost of $40, and it took 40 hours to process our request. We received the requested likes without any loss. About their customer services, that was pretty much great. We received all the information needed even before buying their services. All in all, in terms of quality, services, and consistency we had a happy experience buying from QQSumo. It supports most of the online payment gateways including Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, net banking etc.

#4 FollowersZeal

Rating: (4.6/5)

We bought:250 Page Likes

FollowersZeal is a highly recommended place to buy Facebook Likes because of its top-notch customer services and quality of content. It is a London based company with nearly 7 years in the industry. To check their service quality we ordered 250 Facebook Likes for the cost of $11. We received the requested likes within 48 hours time just like the above 3 sites. The likes came from active and genuine Facebook users. The FollowersZeal website is very beautifully crafted and easy to navigate. We received 2 years of free refill protection and money-back guarantee with our order. So it is pretty much assured they are completely reliable & there is no chance of money getting duped with FollowersZeal.

Their customer support is pretty much great and friendly. They answered all our questions and also told us to contact anytime after purchase if any issue comes up. Most of the payment gateways are accepted at FollowersZeal. If anyone looking for a quick, and reliable way of getting Facebook Likes, FollowersZeal should be the first choice for them.

#5 View2be

Rating: (3.0/5)

We bought: 500 Page Likes
Price: $15

View2be is a Canada based company whose main objective is to provide YouTube likes and views but apart from that their Facebook boosting services are quite good. They claim with their services you can grow rapidly online. Their packages for Facebook Likes start from 500 to 60,000 Likes. We tried 500 Likes for the price of $15. After the processing time of 48 hours, we received only 492 Likes, which was unexpected. About their customer service, there is no 24×7 helpline number, if you face any issue, you have to lodge a complaint and wait up to 72 hours to get a response from them.

They claim that the Likes provided by them come from real and active profiles, which is always a good sign. But there is no retention warranty if the likes get dropped after a while. Their prices are not too hefty, so overall View2be is a good website to buy Facebook Likes.

#6 GetAFollower

Rating: (2.7/5)

We bought:500 Facebook Page Likes

GetAFollower is offering social media boosting services including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and others for almost 10 years. Their dashboard is pretty and easy to navigate. They claim to provide 100% authentic social media engagements from active and verified accounts. However, to check their credibility we bought 500 Facebook Likes for $29. We were very much disappointed with their delivery service, because the ordered Likes took 5days to process and we had to poke them for 4days to finally receive our Likes. We came to the conclusion that their customer services are not too good. The good side is, we did not notice any significant dropped Likes though it was clearly mentioned in their privacy policy that they don’t hold themselves responsible for any negative consequences that may happen during the usage of their services. Their secure payment gateways include VISA, MasterCard, Net banking, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, etc.

#7 BuyTrueFollowers

Rating: (1.9/5)

We bought: 500 Page Likes
Price: $20

BuyTrueFollowers is providing boosting services from 2016, and they are selling engagements of all the social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, and even IMDB. Even though they are claiming that they provide “best quality customer services” when we ordered 500 Facebook Page Likes for the cost of $20, we received only 181 Likes after 48 hours of processing time. We never received the rest of the Likes. We were quite disappointed with their services provided and later checked out the customer feedback area of their website only to discover most of the customers complaining about their quality of services.

#8 SlickSocials

Rating: (1.4/5)

We bought:5000 Likes

SlickSocials is a United States based company, that offers marketing solutions and social media boosting services, and has been operating since 2009. They claim their extensive suite of boosting services and marketing solutions will provide a resounding and astonishing effect on the social media account of the user. We bought 5000 likes to check how is it working. Likes came after 5 days of time, though the Likes came from active accounts, most of them came from Russia. We didn’t see any significant Like drops.

About their customer support, they are available only on emails and ticket system. Their payment system seemed legitimate but it is clearly stated in their privacy policy that if you can only receive a refund if the content is not delivered in 3 days’ time. However, the money you get refunded won’t go back to your original bank account, it will stay in SlickSocial’s dashboard for any further purchasing.

#9 AuthenticPlays

Rating: (0.9/5)

We bought:500 Page Likes

AuthenticPlays is a social media marketing company from the USA. A technique called “content blocker” is used by them to provide their services. When we reached out to their agent about this “content blocker” their answer didn’t make any sense. However, we ordered only 500 page likes for the cost of $18. Though they said the Likes will be delivered in 4days, we received no likes even after the time period mentioned by them.

When we reached to customer care for support, we found you can only leave messages for them to reply later. Even here we didn’t get a reply. There is a 24×7 helpline number that was supposed to be working for 6 days a week, but if you call them you’ll get no reply. So, all in all, it was a very disappointing experience for us buying from AutheticPlays, and we do not recommend buying from them, rather you can try buying from one of the websites from the top of this list.

#10 BuyRealMarketing

Rating: (0.5/5)

We bought: 250 Page Likes
Price: $9

BuyRealMarketing is a social media account boosting platform that performed similar to Authentic plays in out test. The package prices are comparatively cheap than other websites, and we ordered only 250 Likes for our Facebook page and after waiting for 9 days, we received only 100 Likes. It was way too disappointing for us to see the Likes received are all from fake profiles or bot profiles. None of them were genuine, and after 5 days of receiving them, they began to drop as well. Buyrealmarket do not hold themselves responsible for any negative effect that might come after buying from them. They are also selling Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest boosts. Their refund policy is not satisfactory, the refund is only possible if they fail to start delivering in a month. The customer reviews on their website are not real, only the reviews outside their own website stated somewhat genuine reviews, which are very poor. We don’t recommend buying from BuyRealMarketing if you wish to grow your page with organic likes only.

Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes:

To run a reputed business page, it is necessary to have a decent number of page likes, if not less. But it is a hard task to get genuine Facebook likes on the business page you have. Buying likes is the quickest way to get the starting boost you need. But you might also want to know about the downside.

Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes:

  • When you start a new page it is slow to make its way to the first 1000 Likes. Buying likes will give you an instant boost. People tend to hover around pages that have a huge number of likes.
  • The more likes you have, the more chances for your page to acquire more followers and Fans.
  • Having a larger fan base for your page will attract more potential followers of your page, and with Facebook ads and other campaigns, you will likely make more revenues.
  • It will help to build the credibility of your customers, and your company becomes more reputed and reliable for people by creating a solid foundation.
  • Buying likes will certainly help your business appear more legitimate. A page with only 50 or 60 likes will make it difficult for people to trust it. When you get a thousand or more likes on a certain post, you will have a chance for a higher earning through ad services.

Disadvantages: You might wanna know:

  • A business should have the right target audience, buying your way through Facebook page likes will not always bring those who are really interested in your business page. But they might have the connection who has the interest.
  • Buying Facebook likes can give you the head start you need with your business page or fan page, but you need to be real all the time with your page content to stay profitable in the long run.
  • Some Facebook likes sellers are dishonest and only after your money. If you run into such scammers, you might risk not getting any actual benefit from your money.
  • Facebook has its own algorithm, upon uploading a content it will be shown to a handful of your followers or friends. If it receives considerable engagements it will be shown to more people. Since the likes of your page has no knowledge about your business, you will probably not get any initial engagements for the larger engagement.

Tips before you Start:

Have a clear goal: Create a goal first how many likes you need for your post or pages. If you have clear knowledge, you can surely use it as a tool of measurement to check the progress, and decide when it is working for you or not.

Right quality: Definitely look for companies that will provide organic Facebook Likes that will preserve the endurance of the likes. A refill protection guarantee is a must for any buys. Good providers like SMMSumo, Always Viral, QQSumo, Followers Zeal, etc will come with a retention guarantee and 2 years refill protection which most of the web sites won’t provide.

Customer Services: A good provider will not only provide the product, but will care about the consumers after buying the same. When you buy the likes, and they start dropping after a while, you need to inform this to the company to get a refill. The catch is all websites will tell you they have a 24×7 helpline number, but most of them won’t provide satisfactory customer service after you are done paying. So you want to look for reviews for customer services before you commit to a company.

Discounts and offers: Sometimes some of these websites will offer you additional discounts on the package price, and these will be super helpful for your company. If you find your preferred provider is not offering any discount coupon, you can ask them for a special price slash.

How to get more Likes on Facebook Organically:

Buying Facebook likes is a good way to boost your way up to the top line of creators. But if you insist on growing organically only, you may use these tips:

Publish a lot of Contents: You need to publish more often various kinds of content that your fans want. If you are not receiving enough organic reach it is probably because you actually don’t know what kinds of content your followers want, and this is probably because you are publishing once or twice a week. So take a look at publishing diverse contents, like videos, polls, giveaways, etc.

Communicate with your followers: Create a good relationship with your followers and fans. Not just simply publish content in hope of people will share or comment by themselves, rather be creative about your content and think about ways people will start engaging with it.

Post Micro Contents: One of the most critical aspects page owners are missing is posting micro contents. Basically, anything that condenses bigger content into smaller posts is a micro-content. It could be an image or a small video that tells about your next campaign, or a small summarized text post about your commercial growth last year, or an infographic content on of a how-to format.

Collaborate with known brands: A simple partnership known brand will definitely give a boost to your page. You can ask them to Like your page to participate in a give away of a product everybody wants. For example, if you have a shoe company you can ask them to like your page for a giveaway for a pair of gloves of a popular company you collaborated with.

Go live on Facebook: Because of the changed algorithm, Facebook has been prioritizing videos more than any other posts. In a recent report, it was also discovered that a live video gets three times more interaction than a non-live one. It will engage more of your followers to the contents of your page, and will also keep them hooked for future posts.

Promote your Page on various platforms: People love to follow their favorite brands on various platforms, and if you help them do that by sharing the handles of your social media accounts on various platforms it will definitely help you broaden your reach on Facebook drastically.

Use the upload time to your advantage: Take help from Facebook Insights to figure out what time and day of the week brings you more engagements. You can use the statistics to find when your viewers are most active on Facebook, or what kind of contents are making engage more to your post. Use the information you discovered to your advantage.

Never give up: Lots of business owners, brand managers, social media managers give up on Facebook, when they see the organic reach is getting low. That is a losing attitude that is not gonna help you actually get the organic reach you need. So the biggest tip is: never give up no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions:

➧ Buying Facebook likes, is it legal?

It is totally legal, and anyone can buy Facebook likes to increase engagements and popularity of their business page or fan page. The most common concern that revolves when buying anything online is safety and security. Buying likes is not different from buying any goods from Amazon. There is nothing mentioned in Facebook’s terms and conditions that states a prohibition on buying likes to make a page popular. So this makes it completely legal for a person or a business to create a business page and purchase likes to get more engagements.

➧ Is my information safe?

It is very important that your information remains safe, and your privacy not going public. But it all comes down to which sites you are buying from, or the quality of the seller. A good way to verify is, read our reviews and our experience about them to find your ideal provider. We tested these websites in terms of quality and service reliability, and ranked these websites to find the best places to buy Facebook likes. A low-quality seller will show their signs everywhere, you can notice the payment gateways they use. Are they using up to date payment gateways or using a software you never heard of? There are numerous good and trustworthy websites that are totally safe and sound to work with, obviously, you can choose anyone from our top picks.

➧ How much does it cost to buy likes?

It depends on various factors how much the cost is. It also depends on factors like the number of likes you want, or if you are receiving any special discount from the seller. Sometimes buying in bundles will cut the price one third. Some providers ask $50 to give you one thousand like while some others will sell you the same at a much cheaper rate. It is very much advised that you read the customer reviews before you buy. Check if they are providing a 100% retention guarantee, or a refund is available. Such factors decide which vendor will stand by you after your purchase is complete.

➧ How my information is going to be used?

Which information do you need to give to the seller? In most cases, the seller only needs two pieces of information. The number of likes you need and the URL of the page or the post you want like on. The provider will never ask for your username, password, or any information that is not supposed to be shared publicly. So the only information they want is what is already public. On the other hand, the only thing that is private is the payment receipt, which a buyer will never reveal to anyone. When a seller is using popular payment gateways like Bitcoin, PayPal, etc they can’t keep the transaction information, because they left the hassle for those payment gateway companies to handle. So there is nothing suspicious about buying when you are not sharing any confidential information at all.

➧ How to get more Likes on Facebook?

The key to getting more likes is the quality of your posts. Don’t just post them, use diverse techniques to compel people to react, engage, and share it. For example, if you are running a shoe company fan page, instead of posting ” A new range of collection with 20% price slash” post something like “What do you think about our brand-new product? Which color will you choose? Do you have any other color ideas?”

➧ How can I get Facebook likes fast?

Nowadays Facebook is all about pay to play. In order to get your page well-to-do, you can run advertisements on Facebook, rotate your advertisements on a regular basis to not get people tired of hearing the same thing over and over. But it is always an option to go hassle-free and buy some likes for your Facebook page. It is super convenient, easy, and reliable. You can choose a provider from our list of companies.

➧ Why am I not getting any likes on Facebook?

How many people your post is reaching is a big issue with Facebook. For years, it’s been on the decline and advertisers have had to fight to hold their prices up while they could invest the same energy on growth in another sector. Facebook’s algorithm is continuously evolving and it restricts the visibility of the post to your followers. In these scenarios, you can always buy some likes to make your way to the top again.

➧ Will buying likes will get me banned?

No, you are not banned from Facebook for buying likes. Initially, it is wise to buy a small amount of likes to create trust in your profile. It is critical for your business page to have a substantial amount of likes to build the branding. But you might start losing some likes if the provider or Facebook itself deletes them. But if you choose quality providers like SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, AlwaysViral etc, they always provide safety, security, retention warranty, and refill protection so that you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Final Conclusion:

More than 3 million people use Facebook every single month, which is more than a quarter of the world population. Still, there are so many businesses that are reluctant to use Facebook as a marketing platform. You don’t want to miss your target audiences when such an amazing opportunity is provided to you. You’ll need numerous likes to gain a reputation. And, that’s why we’ve taken care and listed the best sites to buy Facebook likes, Followers, & Views so that you can easily get started. It is important to set a goal first before deciding which provider you wish to choose. Nevertheless, buying Facebook Likes should not be considered the entire strategy for your business to boost. It is only a minor tool to get the initial head start you need to run in the race. There are always hundreds of other ways of gaining better exposure, more attention, and more organic likes of course. That’s why we’ve assembled this fine and meticulous guide to customize your Facebook profile to maximize your engagements.