Instagram, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and originally introduced on iOS in October 2010, is an American image and video-sharing social networking site operated by Facebook. A great number of Instagram users, including several celebrities, regularly buy Instagram likes from some sites to instantly raise their Instagram growth. There are a number of websites on the market that offer the service Instagram likes to purchase. But the efficiency of the likes, the security of your account, customer support, delivery time, and price varies greatly.

If your brand is very popular on Instagram, more users will be drawn to your company from even the most remote places. The biggest drawback to using Instagram is the constant competition. If you’re tired of seeking ways to find more likes for your profile, you might take a look at these websites that offer top-quality Instagram likes in India: Today we will talk about Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes in India that provide real and safe Instagram likes in 2021.

Why should you buy Instagram likes?

Instagram has a massive number of engaged users on a regular basis, which alone is a perfect reason for a company to deem it as the biggest marketing tool. People spend 4 hours on social media a day, and Instagram is a huge part of that time, which ensures that you have a better chance of meeting your target client. If your brand is very popular on Instagram, more users will be drawn to your company from even the most remote places. The biggest drawback to using Instagram is the constant competition. Since advertisers around the world have discovered that the web is the best way to communicate with consumers who may become clients, rivals may use the web to target and win audiences.

Purchasing Instagram likes a very strong way to broaden your customer base, and it will also encourage you to create franchises, so you now have a much larger audience around the world waiting for you to come to their destination and set up more franchises. Instagram is a great social network to use to build the brand. Via the website, you can increase awareness and brand recognition, while also developing a community involved in what your offer and content is. With billions of daily active users, more likes will definitely reach the targeted threshold you seek.

SitesRatingPrice of
100 Instagram Followers
Price of
1000 Instagram Likes
Refill Protection
2. Always Viral4.9₹218₹583Y
3. StormLikes4.7₹211₹876N
4. Likes.io4.0₹288₹1824N
5. cheapIGfollowers3.9₹357₹1014N
6. FollowersZeal4.6₹219₹730Y
7. SocialsGrowth3.8₹1021 (500 Followers)₹1204N
8. QQSumo4.5₹218₹656Y
9. SocialViral3.5₹217₹940N
10. Viralyft3.4₹211₹912N

#1 SMMSumo (Most Recommended)

SMMSumo has been a strong leader in the industry for the last 5 years. They offer assured consistency and claim to be one of the few businesses that guarantee their operation. SMMSumo notes that from actual accounts, the likes they assist you gain are and will remain. In order to test their offerings, we requested 1,000 Instagram likes, and we were not disappointed. We’ve got high-quality likes, and we’ve got even more than we ordered. SMMSumo is the best place to be if you are searching for a high-quality Instagram likes, offering facilities with additional good retention promises. In addition to rising likes for your Instagram profile, they also provide Facebook with development and engagement services.

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2. AlwaysViral


AlwaysViral is a perfect place to buy likes from Instagram. The price ranges from ₹73 for 100 likes to ₹1165 for 2000 likes. In addition to Instagram likes, followers and views may also be bought. To test their service standard, we purchased 100 likes for ₹218 and the result is satisfactory, as promised by them, we obtained the order in 24 hours of processing time. They have small, medium-sized sets that are almost perfect for all company profiles. All the likes that our profile got come from real and reputable Instagram users who have been on the website for a long time. They have a 24/7 service support line about their customer service and have replied to our questions in a few minutes.

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#3 FollowersZeal

FollowersZeal Review

FollowersZeal is an organization with 7 years of marketing experience from Maryland, United States, which performed extremely well in our success studies. The FollowersZeal website bundles are customized for different criteria, starting with Rs.108 for just 100 likes.ChaoGolden team ordered 1000 likes for ₹728, and what we can conclude is that they offer just what they believed us be. All the likes came in 48 hours from actual Instagram profile holders (yes, we cross-checked each one, and not one of them was false or software-generated). To use the facilities at FollowersZeal, you don’t need to have a login or other personal info. The customer support is very responsive and answers instantly, whether it is the live chat or the number of the 24/7 helpline. We recommend FollowersZeal to everyone for a risk-free smooth buying experience.

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#4 QQSumo

QQSumo Review

QQSumo is a UK-based business that offers you an improved and fast experience of purchasing Instagram. Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, Sound Cloud, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, and so on are interested in their services. We did a survey and discovered its enriched user loyalty is the best thing about QQSumo. Their pack of Instagram likes starts from 100 likes to Rs.107 likes. We imported their smallest kit and it only took 30 hours for them to approve our order. Without any loss, we got the requested supporters. We had a good encounter with their customer service. And before purchasing their services, they supplied us with all the information needed.

All and all, we had a very good experience purchasing from QQSumo in terms of pricing, operation, and quality. Most online payment gateways are sponsored, including Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

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You can start purchasing followers at the rate of ₹101 for 50 likes and buy up to 7500 likes for ₹3640. The customer service is pretty good and the 24×7 support is active. Our purchase of 250 likes for ₹328 went pretty decent, and we had not faced any issues during the buying process. They are advertising 10 free likes, but when we tried to test it, the option kept saying service unavailable. Other than we had feeble experience buying from Stormlikes.


For any of your offerings connected to Instagram, is the one-stop online shop. This business values its credibility and knows how to manage it well and delivers top-notch facilities at a reasonable price. is one of the few providers who help you hit the height of your Instagram popularity and ensure that the individual continues to expand. It is very difficult to escape the pitfalls of websites that offer a huge number of likes at a nominal cost, but in fact, your account’s protection and safety can be compromised.

#7 CheapIGFollowers

It is one of the most popular Instagram promotion-related websites focused on likes and followers of Instagram, but it also offers Instagram auto likes and views. They have a really comfortable Interface and do not require you to register or create a profile to buy from them, and it normally takes 5 minutes to an hour to carry each order to the user. This service provider also offers 24×7 online support from their homepage on their website and has several positive reviews about it. They also have personalized fans, Powerlikes, offer of the month, and other customized services aside from the options described on their website, so if you want to have a special option, this might be the best solution for you.

#8 SocialsGrowth

Social Progress on their Instagram offerings provides exclusive price slashes from time to time. They just offer Instagram services, and at an affordable price at SocialGrowth, you can purchase Likes, AutoLikes, followers, and Views. Their business is based in London, UK. The bundles for Instagram views range from Rs.73 for 250 likes to Rs.10,920 for 20,000 likes. Our team purchased 1000 likes for ₹1200, the buying process seemed a little faulty, it was not responding while processing payment, after several attempts, we bought the likes. They sent us the order in time, but most of the likes, to our dismay, came from automatic accounts. Their customer service was absolutely unresponsive, we had nothing, no reaction to any of our queries.

#9 Social Viral

SocialViral offers professional services and is organic with most of the followers, shares, and views they have. Social Viral is an authority on Instagram, but the other sites they serve are Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok. In order to give customers the best possible experience, they kept the networks very limited. To start shopping from them, you need to pick the pack first, include the username, select the topics where you want your views, then finally checkout. To pay, you can use PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards, but the PayPal option didn’t seem to work much of the time.

#10 Viralyft

Viralyft delivers services such as purchasing Instagram followers, shares, video views, IGTV views, auto shares, and more as one of the leaders in the area of offering paying promotions. They are one of the best available in the market because they have such a wide variety of services. You can start purchasing likes at Viralyft from ₹211 for 100 likes. Greater and more exciting packages are also available for purchase, for example, ₹19,666 in exchange for 40,000 likes. Any package purchased from Viralyft is delivered in 1-3 days with 24×7 support available.

Before You Buy Instagram Likes:

#1 Right quality: Definitely look for companies that will provide organic views that will preserve the endurance of the followers. A refill protection guarantee is a must for any buys. Good providers like SMMSumo, AlwaysViral, QQSumo, Followers Zeal, etc will come with a retention guarantee and 2 years refill protection which most of the websites won’t provide.

#2 Customer Services: A good provider will not only provide the product but will care about the consumers after buying the same. When you buy the views, and they start dropping after a while, you need to inform this to the company to get a refill. The catch is all websites will tell you they have a 24×7 helpline number, but most of them won’t provide satisfactory customer service after you are done paying. So you want to look for reviews for customer services before you commit to a company.

#Discounts and offers: Sometimes some of these websites will offer you additional discounts on the package price, and these will be super helpful for your company. If you find your preferred provider is not offering any discount coupon, you can ask them for a special price slash.

#4 Watch for the reputation: Always choose your provider carefully, online reviews never lie. Look for reviews from various places, if a company is told shady by multiple users on many pages, it might be true.

Frequently Asked Questions:

◾️ How do I buy real Instagram likes?

Instagram likes can be easily purchased from any SMM website. However, it is always advisable to go through little research on the provider which you would like to partner, because your money can get scammed by most companies. Check for factors such as quality of services, assurance of retention, and even the acceptance of various payment gateways. Also, look for added features like free refills, etc. We highly recommend that you pick one from our list because they passed all our quality tests.

◾️ Can you buy Instagram likes?

Yes, you can buy Instagram likes. You can choose any trustworthy websites like SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, or AlwaysViral, and depending on your marketing requirement you can choose any package. You only need to give the URL to your post where your likes will be credited. Furthermore, you can also buy services for other platforms from these websites.

◾️ How much do Instagram likes cost?

You can get 1000 Instagram video likes from SMMSumo for only Rs.650. At we have compiled the list of bestsellers of Instagram engagement services who do not compromise in the matter of safety and protection when you are buying Instagram likes.

◾️ How to get famous fast on Instagram?

To become famous on Instagram other than posting great content, you need to have a massive fan following who will engage with your posts. Buying legit Instagram followers obviously promotes your account and more people will be excited to check out your profile.

◾️ Is it worth buying Instagram likes?

Obviously! Purchasing legit likes will increase engagement and impressions as more followers will interact with your posts, retweet your posts, and will reply and comment on your content. If you are still not sure about this, then you need to know most famous brands and businesses have been purchasing services to boost their Instagram profiles with engagements.


It is not illegal to buy likes or followers for your Instagram, regardless of what someone tells you. Much like internet advertising or sponsored content, it is a form of paid marketing. Through boosting it, they help an account grow organically. For starters, if you buy Instagram likes from any of the sources listed here, you will get a certain amount of likes for all your posts. These are the 10 best sites in India to purchase likes for Instagram, which are also the websites with the most positive reviews. We reviewed both of these pages, made purchases, and accordingly came up with the top sites.