In the past few years, YouTube has had a major impact on the planet. Anyone could join in and post whatever they wanted, taking control away from talent managers and record labels and placing it directly in the hands of musicians. You can get the most of your YouTube video using YouTube Analytics, and figure out what your current video lacked so that you can implement what necessary from thereon. The term “analytics” refers to the study of data. You can use this information to make killer videos for your target audience if you know what types of content they enjoy. With this tool at your disposal, you can also determine the best and worst times to post videos in order to increase viewership.

You should use the right YouTube Analytics software if you want to succeed with your business marketing campaigns on YouTube. We’ll look at the definition of YouTube Analytics, analytics software, and why you need one to monitor the success of your videos in this article.

What Is YouTube Analytics?

YouTube Analytics is a feature that allows you to see which elements of your video techniques need to be reworked and which are working exceptionally well. YouTube Analytics is built and optimized to assist you in determining which content produces the most views, watch time, and overall engagement.

What Is A YouTube Analytics Tool?

Tools that are designed specifically to track key metrics of your YouTube channel and its videos. With YouTube Analytics software, you’ll have a better understanding of your target demographics and how engaged your viewers are with your YouTube channel’s content. A comprehensive YouTube analytics tool will help you elevate your video marketing game from decent to royal level. Insights about who your audience is, what type of content resonates with them the most, when is the best and worst time to post videos, and so on will help you get the most out of each video you upload. With the best YouTube analytics tools you can:

✔️ Watch the metrics (Like-Dislike ratio, number of Subscribers and Views, Location and Gender, etc.)

✔️ Start a successful YouTube campaign.

✔️ Compare your channel analytics to your competitors.

✔️ Improve your content for your target audience.

✔️ Recognize the types of videos that draw in the most viewers.

15 Best YouTube Analytics Tools:

#1 YouTube Analytics

YouTube Studio provides at a glance and in-depth analytics to help you analyze your video and your channel. From the YouTube Studio dashboard, you can see the performance of your latest video compared to a typical video performance. You can see how it ranks against your last 10 videos, along with its views, subscribers, average view duration, and watch time. It provides personalized insights about your channel’s performance and gives a high-level look at key performance stats.

YouTube Analytics, which can be found in the Studio section of your channel, throws a lot of data at you, but with so many ways to classify and drill down, it won’t take much to figure any insights. You should examine average channel traffic over time and see how you compare to yourself in the past. This is a great way to identify any peaks or seasonality that you might want to factor into your overall plan. This tool is quite a useful item, and thus we recommend it as the best YouTube analytics tool to track the right metrics.

#2 Quintly

At Quintly with advanced analytics and strategic benchmarking, you can gain performance insights and refine your plan. This is a popular YouTube analytics tool that can be used to manage several YouTube channels at once. It informs you about new ways to develop your video strategy. It’s user-friendly and easy to use. It also provides a wealth of useful reports and data to assist you in evaluating your YouTube results.

Quintly is a social media website that covers all the major social media websites. It provides comprehensive information on any pages you want to monitor. I like how they give you the option of creating your own metrics in the metrics builder. If you need assistance, members of the Quintly team can respond quickly and competently.

#3 Channel Meter

Another fantastic analytics tool that will assist you in gaining access to data is Channel Meter. It comes with a comprehensive dashboard that displays various types of data in the form of charts and graphs. This will allow you to keep track of your YouTube success and growth rate. Channel Meter’s benchmark functionality would appeal to you because it helps you to compare your YouTube output to that of others.

With this kind of information at your fingertips, you will find the flaws in your video production or learn more about how to enhance it. To better prepare the next Campaign or help formulate a strategy for your Creator blueprint, you can attend a webinar or interact with their Support team.

#4 Unbox Social

Measure the social media platforms of your competitors, from content to interactions, and learn how to boost your brand’s success. With main metrics like Share of Voice, you can see how your brand stacks up against the competition. Unbox Social offers advanced intelligence to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

This is a powerful analytics tool that comes in handy when attempting to monitor your YouTube results. It’s a fantastic tool with a lot of features that will help you with your YouTube campaign.

#5 Social Bakers

Socialbakers has three unique features that set it apart from other YouTube analytics software. The content intelligence tool is the first feature. This indicates the best time to upload videos, as well as the type and quality of video material. The network monitoring service is the second feature. This allows you to collect more information from various sources, allowing you to outperform your rivals. An audience analytics tool is a third and final feature. This provides you with all of the details you require about your audiences. Their gender, where they live, and so on.

#6 ViralStat

ViralStat is another top-rated Youtube analytics tool that is trusted by hundreds. Get inside the heads of your audience. Look at who they subscribe to and trust, as well as what they watch on YouTube. It’s a platform that allows you to monitor the video content of your rivals so you can find out what’s trending on YouTube. It also includes a number of reviews and analyses that will help you boost your overall YouTube results.

#7 BrandWatch

Brandwatch provides you with a wealth of YouTube data to examine. Not only will you be able to see how your own content is being received, but you’ll also be able to see what the rest of YouTube is talking about. You can also use queries and rules to keep tabs on the feedback on your own videos. This means you can see what people are doing, group videos into groups, and see how they feel about it as well as what other topics they’re citing. Brandwatch a fantastic tool for figuring out what people really think about your brand and videos. It will aid in the creation of your future marketing plan as well as your video offering.

#8 Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo, the famous content marketing tool, has launched their YouTube Analyzer, which is a new addition to the YouTube analytics game. You can use a variety of features to monitor your own results, analyze specific videos, and keep a watch on competitor channels. You can type in a keyword to get a list of the most famous videos for that subject, which can help you come up with ideas for your own videos. Views, tweets, and up or down votes may all be used to rate them. For example, in less than two seconds, I discovered that the most popular Game of Thrones video is this one, which has 21 million views.

#9 SocialBlade

Social Blade is a browser-based Youtube analytics application that is both strong and informative. Simply type in the name of your YouTube channel to get statistics on viewers, views, and your place in your group. You can also get future forecasts and search for similar platforms. Nothing prevents you from using your rivals’ platforms as well. This will provide you with a clear indication of how they’re doing and what they’re up to. If you want to take them on, this is ideal. There’s even a comparison option that lets you compare yourself to your competitor to see who has the upper hand.

#10 Vidooly

With vast sums invested across channels in online content, marketers and video publishers alike need cohesive measurement and analytics solutions to provide better metrics than ever before. The Vidooly Video Analytics Application offers you cost-effective and reliable video marketing strategies. Vidooly is a YouTube video marketing and analytics platform for content producers, brands, and multichannel networks (MCNs). It aids in the growth, optimization, and expansion of your YouTube channel’s user base, as well as the generation of additional revenue.

#11 Vidyard

Vidyard is a business-oriented online video website. Thousands of organizations around the world, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, depend on our all-in-one video production, hosting, management, and sharing solution. Many experts suggest Vidyard as the best YouTube analytics tool in 2021. It assists you in converting tourists into customers. Maximizing your video content can also aid in the promotion of your goods and services. Vidyard helps marketing and sales teams create more leads, close more transactions, and prove the effectiveness of video through powerful video monitoring, information protection.

#12 Social Report

SocialReport is a publication and analytics platform that has a lot of great features for optimizing your YouTube channel. The tool’s analytics section provides you with everything you need to know about your YouTube channel. This tool covers all the basic analytics you’ll need, from tracking your video output to tracking your subscribers’ progress, interaction, and understanding your competitive position.

#13 GeckoBoard

Geckoboard is a fantastic tool for creating useful business analytics. You can combine your YouTube channel and construct your own YouTube interface with Geckoboard to gain valuable insights and perfect your video marketing strategy. Views, feedback, subscribers, and video comments are among the main channel stats shown on the YouTube dashboard. You can also see estimated minutes viewed, average view time, number of likes/dislikes, favorites added/removed, views, and unique viewers for each video.

#14 Tubular

Tubular is a versatile tool for analyzing video content on all platforms around the world. Tubular allows you to gain insight into your audience’s YouTube and other social media viewing habits. With demographics such as age, gender, and place, Tubular’s audience insights gives you the complete picture of your channel’s target audience. You will also get top-line success insights to help you figure out what kinds of videos get the most views and how long your videos should be to get the most social interaction.

#15 KlipFolio

Klipfolio is an excellent tool for keeping track of your YouTube success. You can easily track your KPIs and statistics with the Klipfolio custom interface. TV Dashboards are included in the tool and provide insights into your YouTube video marketing strategies. Klipfolio can be used to make custom charts and visualizations based on YouTube info. It also allows you to make make a dashboard such as Top 10 viewed video or any other rankings.

Final Takeaway

Creating and maintaining content for your YouTube channel can be difficult. To get the best results from your YouTube video marketing activities, you must monitor and evaluate your KPIs and metrics. YouTube’s analytics tools are designed to assist you in gathering information and data about your YouTube results. It’s one thing to post; it’s quite another to remain consistent. These analytics tools will help you stay organized and one step ahead on YouTube, increasing your chances of success.