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Originally started in 2007, Soundcloud is a platform that lets you stream endless music online. You will discover great songs, the works of indie musicians, and any other form of music. SoundCloud is completely free, with the option of uploading some songs of your choosing, you can log in and listen to millions of songs at no fee. With powerful platforms, programs, and infrastructure, SoundCloud enables audio creators worldwide to grow and broaden their career opportunities.

If you are not an established music artist, it can be very hard to get users to listen to your music tracks on SoundCloud. Fortunately, with your songs, there are several ways to customize your profile and attain more plays. A convenient way to achieve this is to buy plays for SoundCloud. When you purchase more SoundCloud plays, you actually popularize your brand image, credibility, and it eventually makes your tracks more attractive for record labels and promoters to notice. There are many providers present in the market that sells legitimate plays for SoundCloud, but to make the job easy for you, we reviewed and listed the Best SoundCloud plays providers in India in 2021.

SoundCloud Usage Statistics:

  • There is a monthly user base of 76 million people for the platform SoundCloud. (source)
  • There are 25 million creators on SoundCloud.
  • 12 hours of music uploaded on SoundCloud every minute.
  • In total, 200 million music tracks are available on SoundCloud.
  • Around $200 million was raised by SoundCloud.
  • The estimated value of SoundCloud is $700million.
  • SoundCloud is available in 190 countries worldwide.
  • For the year 2014, the revenue of SoundCloud was $19.5 million.

Benefits of Purchasing SoundCloud Plays:

If you want to grow organically in SoundCloud, but don’t want to waste many months waiting for more plays to arrive, you have the option to buy them as well. It could be the significant boost you were searching for and in an instant would give you massive popularity. Purchased plays won’t get you any extra income, however, they will get you a lucrative boost in the numbers of plays.

There is, however, a risk factor hidden when you buy plays from an anonymous seller for your SoundCloud songs. If you purchase from a suspicious or inauthentic vendor, you will possibly end up being tricked or receiving absolutely false or without retention commitments. There are also several providers available that will only deliver half or 3⁄4 of the number of orders you have placed. We have prepared a list of Best Sites to Purchase SoundCloud Plays to avoid these pitfalls for users, which have passed all essential tests so that you experience a secure, smooth, and risk-free buying experience.

Recommended SitesRating
#1 SMMSumo5.0
#2 QQSumo4.9
#3 SocioBlend4.1
#4 GetmorePlays3.9

#1 SMMSumo (Most Recommended)

We purchased:3000 plays
Visit:Click here

SMMSumo is a social media marketing company that delivers high-quality social proofing and claim to be one of the few companies that guarantee their service. They mainly specialize in promotional services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. You can easily drive the highest-quality SoundCloud Plays to your account by utilizing their services with ease. At SMMSumo, SoundCloud Plays range from $2 to $75 with a variety of packages to choose from (For custom packages, you need to contact their support). The delivery time is approximately from 6 hours to 3 days depending upon the SoundCloud Plays package you choose. We tested their SoundCloud Plays service by ordering 3000 plays from them. We received 3100+ high-quality plays, which were even more than what we ordered, which were 100% real and authentic plays with a high retention rate.

#2 QQSumo

QQSumo Review
We purchased:10,000 plays
Visit:Click here

QQSumo is a Social Media promotional platform that is primarily devoted to making your SoundCloud tracks more visible to potential fans. QQSumo actually offers varisus social media boosting services including popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and LinkedIn. Their refund policy is of industry standards, but their 2-year free refill policy for all services is a huge plus in their favor as a competitive provider. Customer support was very responsive, along with guaranteed money back if you don’t receive your order on time. We suggest QQSumo to any music artists who are looking to improve their social proof on SoundCloud.

#3 SocioBlend

We purchased:5000 plays
Visit:Click here

SocioBlend is an Indian company and has been providing Social Media Marketing services since 2013. They also offer services for SEO, website design and development, and Pay Per Click. Our purchase of 10,000 plays didn’t go too smooth but we did get our order after 7days of waiting. They promised us retention when we were going to order, but they didn’t. No information and analysis regarding their service delivery will be provided to you. Overall not satisfactory.

#4 GetMorePlays

We purchased:5000 plays
Visit:Click here

GetMorePlays claims to be a company from Arizona, USA that started in 2014 that focuses on providing SoundCloud services. They offer engagement services for all aspects of SoundCloud marketing, i.e. Plays, Followers, and Comments. They claim that rather than aiming for selling clients services they are in business for promoting artists. We purchased 1000 SoundCloud Plays from GetmorePlays for $1, they delivered the order within the given time. They have a money-back guarantee and refund policy available for any unfulfilled order. For customer support, GetmorePlays have a live chat and on-page contact form available.

#5 BuySocialMediaMarketing

We purchased:1000 plays
Visit:Click here

BuySocialMediaMarketing claims to use the most efficient way to grow business on social media. We were very disappointed with BuySocialMediaMarketing as the prices are increasingly higher than any websites for SoundCloud Plays Services. The packages are offered ranging from 500 to 100,000 Plays. We placed an order for 5,000 SoundCloud Plays through their website. Though they promise to deliver any order within 12hours, but we never received any delivery. We contacted them through their support, but they said that they already did their job. BSMM scammed us and is a terrible website for any type of Social Media Boosting services.

#6 BuyRealMarketing

We purchased:5000 plays
Visit:Click here

BuyRealMarketing is a provider of social media services and claim to be founded in 2009. They claim to offer extra likes, views, followers, or comments when you purchase any service from them to help their clients become more visible. We ordered 2000 Plays at $10 which was way again too expensive than market prices. The quality of the plays from BRM is not good, but the positive side of them is they never fail to deliver the order on time or deliver less than what was ordered. The reviews of this provider on Trustpilot and various other websites are way below positive.

#7 FollowerPackages

We purchased:1000 plays
Visit:Click here

FollowerPackages claim to offer high-quality social media marketing at affordable pricing. They delivered 50% of ordered plays and it seemed great at first but then after 8-10 days, the plays were removed by SoundCloud. We checked other websites and it seems all of their services are delivered using black hat techniques and posting fake reviews everywhere. We contacted their support and when we asked for a refund, they misbehaved with our team of experts and stopped answering our emails. Their money-back guarantee was fake. We do not recommend this website to anyone, as even trying out their shady services can even harm your profile.

#8 Viralyft

We purchased:2000 plays
Visit:Click here

Viralyft is another great website that offers solutions for Soundcloud and other social media platforms at a feasible cost. The Soundcloud packages are comparatively cheaper than other websites. Viralyft does not hold themselves responsible for any negative effect that might come after buying from them. Our team purchased 2000 plays to try out their services, and the result was fair, we received the order within their given period.

They also offer Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest boosting services. However their refund policy is not satisfactory, the refund is only possible if they fail to start delivering in a month. The customer reviews on their website are not real, only the reviews outside their own website stated somewhat genuine reviews, which are very poor.

#9 Famups

We purchased:5000 plays
Visit:Click here

Famups is a growth service that is dedicated to provide a boost to your favorite social media platforms. Apart from Soundcloud, they provide services for Facebook, Youtube, IGTV, Spotify, and Twitter. Famups don’t ask for your password, and they usually complete the delivery within 1-3 days. To get started with Famups, visit them and select the platform and package and proceed to pay. You can pay using credit cards only. Starting from 2000 Soundcloud plays, you can purchase up to 500,000 plays and the price ranges between $3 – $180. There are a few cons buying from Famups: the Trustpilot reviews are very bad for Famups and the customer support is too poor. We didn’t find any free trial available for this website, however, the packages are comparatively cheap and it somewhat supplements the negatives of Famups.

#10 GetRealBoost

We purchased:10,000 plays
Visit:Click here

GetRealBoost is a USA-based company that provides social media services including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. They promise to provide 100% safe, cost-effective, and high-quality Soundcloud Plays. GetRealBoost provides extensive Soundcloud packages that will add credibility to your music and makes sure you get heard by real people on the internet rather than bots.

Their packages come quite costly, for instance, you need to pay $2 to get 1000 plays. We bought 10,000 plays for $8 and even though they promised to provide free likes with any package purchased, we doubt if the likes we received were real. The reviews present on various websites including Trustpilot are somewhat positive if we ignore a few bad reviews.

Positives and Negatives of Buying Soundcloud Plays:

To reach the threshold of fame, it is important to have a decent number of plays to your tracks, if not less. But it is a difficult task to get genuine services. Buying plays is the quickest way to get the starting boost you need. But you might also want to know about the downside.

Advantages of Buying SoundCloud Plays:

  • When you start a new account it is pretty slow to make its way to gain the first few thousand plays. Buying plays will give you an instant boost. A bigger number of plays to your tracks will add credibility to your profile.
  • The more plays you have, the more chances for your account to acquire even more followers.
  • Having a greater number of plays will attract more potential followers to your profile, and you will likely make more revenue.
  • Buying plays will certainly help your account appear more attractive. A track with only a few hundred plays will make it difficult for people to trust it.

Disadvantages of Buying SoundCloud services:

  • A popular artist should have a very interactive audience, buying your way through SoundCloud services will not always bring those who are really interested in your profile. But they might have the connection who has the interest.
  • Buying plays for SoundCloud can give you the head start you need with your personal account or fan page, but you need to be real all the time with your page content to stay profitable in the long run.
  • SoundCloud has its own algorithm, upon uploading content it will be shown to a handful of your people. If it receives considerable engagements it will be shown to more people. Since the followers of your fan account have no knowledge about your content, you will probably not get any initial engagements for making your way to the larger engagement.

Our Top Picks⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Recommended SitesRatingTry them
1. SMMSumo5.0Visit Website
2. QQSumo4.9Visit Website
3. SocioBlend4.1Visit Website

How to get more Soundcloud Plays:

Many trends only tend to light up for a moment, then they disappear in the blink of an eye. Most of us won’t remember the Yik Yak app, and neither do I. But often, in the context of social media, a new movement emerges that purposefully disrupts the hierarchy that the society has been accustomed to.

The websites listed here improve your engagement by implementing unique strategies for the customer. The strategies aren’t the same for every customer, for each user makes different types of content than the other. These providers will fill your tracks with real and genuine plays. The listed sites are quick to provide what you ordered, uses trusted payment gateways, and have decent customer service available at their site.


💡 Can buying SoundCloud plays get you banned?
No, you will not get banned for buying plays for SoundCloud. But there is a chance that SoundCloud might remove some plays you purchased. To avoid these you should choose your provider carefully. Buying from top-rated providers like SMMSumo, QQSumo etc. will make sure that you don’t think about these risks.

💡 Is it bad to buy plays for SoundCloud?
It is not illegal to purchase SoundCloud plays or any other services, and it does not break any Terms of Service of SoundCloud. So you can be sure that you are safe from any kind of infringements.

💡 Where can I buy SoundCloud plays?
On the internet, there are hundreds of vendors selling SMM services. But buying from legitimate sellers is very crucial for the safety of your SoundCloud profile. Always do some research about the company, watch what other people are saying about that provider before you finally invest your money to a certain vendor. SMMSumo, QQSumo, FollowersZeal are among those websites which are trusted by thousands of users.

💡 How much does it cost to buy SoundCloud Plays?
The cost of SoundCloud plays varies from site to site. Some websites will ask $10 for 1000 plays, while some others will ask as low as only $5. But it is crucial that you choose a reliable provider despite the cost asked.

💡 Will other people know I’m buying SoundCloud Plays?
It all depends on which provider you choose for the service. Choosing a low-quality plays’ provider will make it easy for other users to find out about it. A good provider will make sure that no suspicion is raised. You can find out about trusted providers from our reviews.

💡 Is it safe to buy Plays for SoundCloud?
Yes, it is completely safe. It is not illegal to purchase SoundCloud or any other services, and it does not break any Terms of Service of SC. So you can be sure that you are safe from any kind of infringements.


Today there are several dozens of SoundCloud service providers available in India to buy SoundCloud plays, likes, and comments. It’s important to build a SoundCloud community that grows on a regular basis to leave behind your competitors and to create recognition. It’s much better to purchase plays instead of wasting time completing a huge number of repetitive tasks. After purchasing and analyzing from so many providers, we surely recommend SMMSumo, QQSumo, as the Best Website to Buy SoundCloud plays in India. If you ever purchased SoundCloud plays from these listed providers, be sure to share your experience in the comments.