Facebook is a platform for social networking which makes it easier for you to communicate and share online with friends and relatives. Facebook was originally developed for college students and founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 when he was attending Harvard University. By 2006, someone with a valid email address above the age of 13 may access Facebook. Today, Facebook, with much more than 1 billion members globally, is the world’s biggest social network. Facebook has witnessed its share of strangeness. Despite going through several scandals like accounts getting hacked or interference by Russia, surveys show Facebook users are not changing their behavior to their favorite website. So it is very much worth investing in Facebook because it is not going down anytime soon. Recently Facebook algorithm has been tweaked and very few people will able to watch the posts created by business pages organically.

So, Why Facebook Likes are Important?

Facebook likes still manages to play a crucial role in providing preference to content in the feeds of Facebook users. That’s why the publicity and promotional objectives should be a goal. It also helps highlight social evidence and get more views for your Facebook profile, helping other people to know that your brand is trustworthy. And with two-thirds of Facebook users claiming they check a business profile at minimum once a week, the more reliable your business is, the more likely it is that 1.3 billion users will be able to meet that target.

How to Get Facebook Likes

There are certain key aspects that drive more traffic and engagement to your posts. And we will discuss these major key aspects that will help you get more likes on your Facebook page or posts. The most productive way to gain likes quickly is to Buy Facebook likes. We will be discussing that later.

#1 Videos work better

So if you are not posting a lot of videos right now, if you have just mainly pictures and texts on your Facebook page, most likely your reach will start to go down. If you want to increase your reach organically you need to post as many videos as you can on a weekly basis. Videos tend to do a lot better when it comes to Facebook, and it will reach more people more of your followers on your page. But you simply cannot upload any type of video in hope that it will reach a lot of people, what you want to do is you want to make sure that your videos have these 3 specific components:

  • Upload videos that are at least 3 minutes long, because videos that have at least 3 minutes of duration will do a lot better and will reach more people. When you are uploading a new video on the Facebook page, Facebook lets you know that a 3 minutes video does a lot better and reach more people.
  • And as you know most people browse videos on their phones, that means most people are just browsing on Facebook, and they are not actually listening to the sounds of their videos, so you want to make sure you have manual captions on the videos, this will help you reach more people and it will increase the watch time on those videos, because the higher your watch time on those videos, more people it will reach as a result.
  • Monetizing your videos with in-steams ads will give Facebook an incentive to promote your videos. Now on Facebook, you can monetize your videos with instream ads which is very similar to YouTube ads, where you can place ads on your videos, and the more views that you get, the more money you can make from your videos. Of course, Facebook wants to be able to make money from your content, so if you have videos that are monetized, Facebook will push your videos to more people. Because if your video is monetized now they have an incentive to promote your videos.

#2 Break-Through Post

  • Upload a video meme that is at least 3 minutes long: Upload a video meme, now a video meme is quite simple to make, all you need is a video, a top-performing video that you know is gonna do well on your Facebook page, and you gonna add a caption or text on top of that video to create a video meme, this could be a line of text to help drive the point of the video and make more people click on that specific video. From various tests made it was made clear that video memes work really well when you have more driving engagement on your video.
  • Create a Facebook ad using your video meme targeting your followers or engaged active users.
  • Increase posting frequency while your ad is running by scheduling more content during that period. If you are posting once a week on your Facebook page while you are running your ad, you want to post two or more videos on the week. Similarly, try adding more videos in the said time, this will increase your reach organically on your page.

3. Encourage users to interact with your Content

Simply, people are not likely to do something unless being asked right? So when you post something informative, you can ask them to comment if they agree with you, or if you post something funny maybe ask them to share the post.

You can ask questions that are less likely to get a negative reaction like you can add a beautiful spring season photograph you have just taken and asked the audience do they love the spring season or not. More engagement to your posts is more followers. Make a habit of adding your Page address to the posts and ask people to follow you whenever you post something, this is a great tool a lot of people miss out.

4. Contests

One of the most critical aspects page owners are missing is posting micro contests. Basically, anything that condenses bigger content into smaller posts is a micro-content. It could be an image or a small video that tells about your next campaign, or a small summarized text post about your commercial growth last year, or an infographic content on a how-to format. Contests are a great way to reach your audience and reward them for participating in your content and reach a whole new pool of followers. If you have something to give away then you can run a contest. However, staying clear to the audience about when the contest ends, how to enter, rules of the game, etc puts your contest trustworthy and people will more likely engage themselves in the game.

You can set simple rules to enter like asking the audience to like the post, tag two friends in comments, follow you, etc, or include a particular hashtag you created. Be wise about the giveaway gifts, not everyone likes to win an iPad, but be universal and choose items like Amazon/Google Play gift cards, or a holiday coupon. Working this way will make your Page more reachable to people who don’t know you and subsequently get a huge number of likes and followers.

5. Figure out the taste of your Audience.

Did you think why some of your posts are not liked that much while some got an enormous amount of likes? Is it because of certain aspects that are liked more by your followers? Take out some of your time to go back to your previous photos and analyze which of them got the most likes and which are got less. Which of them are more relatable to your audience and the reason behind them. Once you know the likes of your audience it is only a matter of time to get a huge number of more followers and likes.

6. Facebook Live

Because of the changed algorithm, Facebook has been prioritizing videos more than any other post. In a recent report, it was also discovered that a live video gets three times more interaction than a non-live one. It will engage more of your followers to the contents of your page, and will also keep them hooked for future posts.

7. Pay attention to the metrics

You need to have some knowledge and practice to work on these above tactics and mastering them will take some time. But you should always analyze your posts to see which kinds of posts did the best. What you can do is, at the end of the month or week watch how your posts performed. You can write down the data if you like, try to catch a pattern that is present in all the posts that did comparatively well. Then recreate those kinds of posts or understand the essence of those posts, for which reason it did good, then recreate it.

8. Use Facebook Stories

Definitely post stories more often, it makes you appear more active, people are much more likely to follow you if they see that story ring around your profile picture. Facebook stories can help new people discover your content on your page, and it’s 100% worth it.

Wait for people to see your daily activity on the story in a very creative light. It actually allows another outlet of your content on Facebook to be discovered which is something Snapchat and Twitter do not really easily allow for. Grab a photo, food review, fitness post whatever your niche is Facebook stories help people discover your feed which in turn can grow your audience. There is a discoverability tactic on Facebook that other social media platform doesn’t have, like a story for location, discover page, etc so get the best out of it.

9. Let your friends help you build your network

If you have followers on other platforms then you might already be considering they are following you on all the platforms including Facebook, but this isn’t always true. Let’s say you have a large number of subscribers on YouTube but it’s considerably short when it comes to Facebook. So you need to drive your followers to all the platforms you are present on, and the secret is, your followers actually love to follow you on all the platforms if you produce sensible content.

Leave a short post on Instagram or Twitter to remind them to follow you on Facebook and this will subsequently bring you a lot more likes than what you have now.

10. Keep your posts Precise

No-one on social media will read massive blocks of text. They simply have a lot more to see from their friends and family. Long posts from brands and pages are not going to be at the top of their preference. Facebook is made in such a way that a person goes through multiple feeds per minute. So there is only an opportunity of a few seconds to catch the mind of the readers with sparkling content. Various studies suggest the most posts that get a great number of likes are those which are hardly 10-20 words long. Long story short, you should always try to keep your post precise and short.

11. Mind the Timing

You should also consider what time of day you’re sharing on Facebook. When it comes to increasing participation and having more shares, all of this counts. People have work, and the weekdays are usually busier. However, as the weekend approaches, they can get antsy and slack off if they are ahead of time. They’ll be able to spend more time on Facebook as a result. People are also more likely to like, share, and comment on your posts on weekends when they are happier.

12. Engage with Other Pages

One of the underrated ways of gaining exposure is interacting with other pages. Try finding pages within your niche and interact with their contents; like commenting and starting a sparkling conversation. It doesn’t mean that you should directly reach your competitors’ page and start spamming. Rather take time to finely engage with the audiences and let them know about your brand.

13. Post authentic Contents (Photos and Videos)

Compared to Text posts, Video and Image always attract more attention and generate more audience interaction. More people will like, share and comment on your posts. As a result, more viewers will see them, introducing the website to a broader audience. You have a great chance of attracting new visitors to your business website now.

14. Show your Discounts and offers

A lot of people follow their favorite brands on Facebook to get posted about upcoming offers and discounts. If you let your customers know about your promotional deals, people will have more reasons to follow you and eventually liking your posts.

15. Make use of your email subscribers

When you have a pool of email subscribers, don’t forget to take advantage of that. It is most likely your subscribers have active Facebook accounts, so you can send promotional links with your Facebook handle saying “Follow us on Facebook.”

16. Don’t miss out on trending topics

Having the content more attractive to your loyal audience is the most popular way to increase likes and shares. Another way is to get a status update in front of a new crowd willing to like and exchange updates.

Users who spend a lot of time looking at hot trends are the ones who care about being the first to hear about new developments and trends. So be fast to post new trending topics and let your audience hear from you first what’s going on around the world.

17. Include Hashtags

Facebook favors engagement tremendously. Creating a caption that is both descriptive and intriguing will give your audience to talk about which will result in more comments and more engagements on a post. In other words, captions equals comments equals more distribution of your content. So here are a few suggestions for crafting a good Facebook caption: you can use song lyrics, you can use a joke or a pun, or ask a question maybe about how this video ending is going to be, etc. Save room for hashtags which will indicate what the entire content of the post is about.

Unless you are already an established figure on Facebook, users will most likely not be searching for you, so it is your job to bring them to you with the use of hashtags. When it comes to Facebook hashtags, a mistake most of us make is simply using the trending or popular hashtags and simply calling that ‘good’. The issue is that is what every other user does as well, and your videos disappear fast from those hashtag results. Here is what you want to do when you upload content, you want to incorporate hashtags that are both popular and trending and also those that have a specific niche. Here is an example, if I were to create something that is related to some Christmas trend, I might include hashtags that are popular such as #winterbreak, #holidaycountdown, #makeitfestive and I might also include a mix of hashtags that are relevant to specific things in the video such as #christmastree, #santaclaus, etc. Using hashtags like this, creating a mix will help your posts to get a considerably huge amount of likes.

18. Enhance your Video posts

There are plenty of apps out there that offers to improve your videos for Facebook posts. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Filmora are those top-notch editors to create incredible content. So you should grab one to enhance the quality that Facebook filters and editors won’t offer. Add sounds, effects, animations whatever you feel will enhance the video, do it. Also, remember the soundtracks that are trending on Facebook play a vital role to further promote your video, so use trending music, and use outside effects to make the super content for your account.

19. Experiment with events and news

Stay updated with what is going around you. If you visit what’s trending on Facebook you will definitely notice some posts that are doing something with current trends, videos like music videos on kiki do you love me, or maybe a Tesla truck video. Take your time to absorb those trends, they hold a huge chance to be massively talked about online. Then maybe make a video on it and who knows your posts hit the jackpot of likes.

It is possible to make a viral post with the news whether it’s political, sports-related, or a big gadget coming out. Be the early one to break the news on Facebook, maybe it’s a massive tornado coming or Trump’s work of reshaping the federal judiciary, news like these can get millions of likes in a very short amount of time. So don’t shy away to pass the big news to the platform and profit from it.

20. Incorporate the ‘Invite’ button

You should ask your friends to “like” your company page on Facebook. You will get your first Facebook page views consistently by exploiting established partnerships.

Just make sure the people you invite are sincerely involved in your company. Individual users’ scores would be lowered if they are consistently disengaged with your material.

If your Facebook profile has less than 100,000 likes, you can also invite users who have responded to some of your organic posts(not through ads).

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It is important for a Facebook page to have a great number of likes, especially for startups and developing businesses. We have included 10 best tips to help you obtain those likes completely free and without struggling, however, to minimize the effort and time you always have the option to purchase some likes from these popular vendors. But to be honest, one should never rely solely on purchased likes to attain the greater heights of success for his pages or posts on Facebook. It will surely give you the initial boost required for your Facebook page/profile.