We used to pass music around to see how many 99-cent songs we would fit in between our monthly bills and our iPod’s limited storage space. The majority of the change occurred in 2019 when Spotify started offering free internet music streaming to anyone who wanted a legal way to listen to their favorite artists without having to spend a lot of money on secure songs. Thanks to licensing agreements with three of the largest rights holders in the music business – Sony, Warner, and Universal – Spotify now has over 300 million active users and a catalog of 35 million songs in less than ten years.

Spotify claims to make music “affordable to all.” This massive platform is now streaming millions of songs created by talented musicians, and, as with any rapidly expanding platform, competition is heating up. You want your Spotify playlists to be heard as much as possible as a trendsetter.

So let’s discuss how you can grow the followers on Spotify quite easily with these simple steps:

1. Recognize why the Audience listen to you

Spotify is the place where you create and share your own artistic musical vision, and the platform lets you make money while you are doing it. At Spotify the more your art is promoted, the more success you’ll have. As a result, you must step into the shoes of your fans and consider their primary needs and interests. First, determine who you want to reach. What do they like? What else do you think they’ll like if they love your soundtrack? And if you don’t make music in that genre, what other genres you can try?

After careful consideration, you can start to actually reach your fans.

2. Reach to other Social Platforms

Today around more than half the population on the planet is using social media and it became the best way to reach all of them. Everyone is on social media these days, so you should be there as well. Make a professional-looking website with a professional logo and design. Provide value to your target audience by posting relevant material. Increase the number of people who like your page and start advertising your Spotify playlists.

3. Plan your Course of Action

The easiest way to gain new fans and listeners is to promote your playlists as much as possible on media platforms, while also taking inspiration from what’s trending. Plan ahead of time how you’ll promote and plug your playlist, and experiment with a variety of methods to gain new followers. Following other fellow creators and keeping an eye on what’s trending will also give you additional information to stay ahead of the race to gain followers.

4. Release Music Consistently

Releasing music more consistently is a commonly ignored method by music creators because it takes a lot of work to create and produce music, not to mention the huge importance of releasing and advertising it. So it does take a lot of work, but in order to get more followers, you have to be releasing music consistently. For example, if you start releasing music in the month of January, and keep releasing music every 5-6 weeks, it will give you enough content at a higher frequency and consistency which will help you get a lot more Spotify followers.

So how exactly is it going to give you more Spotify followers by releasing more music? It’s going to give you more followers because it going to keep your fans engaged and those fans will tell their friends and families about it and this way you will gain the rolling snowball effect.

5. Pre-save and follow links

So what is a pre-save link or what is a follow link and how you are going to do that? There are a variety of services and sometimes music distributors offer these services. Essentially you get a custom URL where you can send it out to anyone and before they listen to your song, they have to follow you, or before your song is released they can pre-save it to their Spotify library.

This is an incredible way to increase the number of followers or pre-saves for a song that is not released yet, or you can increase followers for a song that is already released. This is recommended for every piece of music you release, every single, every album.

6. Start your own Spotify playlist

What you must be thinking now is: “How is it going to give me more Spotify followers?” To be honest, it’s not really going to give you more Spotify followers, but you want to have these building blocks in place. So start a Spotify playlist; it doesn’t have to be a genre you are passionate about, try to make it similar to the music you creating so eventually you can put your own songs on that playlist. And do some shopping around, put it in Reddit threads, or Facebook group threads, try to get followers on your playlist, and over time try to build the authority on your Spotify playlist. Maybe you can pitch your playlist to other musicians who are looking to get on a playlist.

Eventually, over time, your playlist will start getting more followers and more authority. So it is a very long-term approach but you might as well start now, and start building slowly and over time it will create a snowball effect.

7. Playlist exchange

Participate in the Spotify user community. Log in with your Spotify username and password and upload your playlist to the Spotify Playlist Exchange, along with a short summary explaining why you made it and whether you want to keep it active or not. Remember to tag similar genres in case users are using the playlist exchange to find specific songs. You may also rate other curators’ playlists, leave comments on their threads with your playlist added, and urge them to follow it.

8. Create a GATE link

When a song is released, it is open and free for everyone to listen to if they pay for the Spotify platform obviously. But what you can do is create a gate before someone listens to your song. So if you write a post on Facebook saying: “my new song is out, go listen to it, here is the Spotify link. So everyone can go on Spotify and listen to it, but what you can do in between is set up a gate, which means linking directly to the Spotify song, link them to a middle ground page where they have to follow you before they listen to this song. So this way you can catch a lot of fans who were most likely listening to you but not following you already.

9. Use the Spotify Follow button

Spotify gives all artists an I-frame that you can put on your own website or any website if you can do some code injection. But you can always do that on your own website, so go to your homepage, likely in the center put a Spotify follow button so when someone lands on your webpage, they will find that follow button there when they click that follow button they will be following you on Spotify automatically, and they will be getting those emails from Spotify when your new releases come out and those tracks will be popping up on their ‘discover weekly‘ and ‘release radar‘.

10. Leverage the Follow links

Even better with links, you can put these links all over the internet. You don’t need to own a domain or your own website, you can share these links on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or give them to music bloggers, Instagram bio and so much more places. Put them everywhere you can that makes sense without looking too spammy and that will generate more traffic. When people will click them, they will ultimately start following you.

11. Run Contests

Running contests will primarily incentivize people that don’t already follow you. There is likely a significant percentage of people in your fanbase that haven’t thought of following you yet. So remind and incentivize them a little bit to follow you. Make a post about a giveaway of one of your merch, maybe the digital download of one of your songs. Using this method capture that percentage that isn’t following you.

12. Paid digital marketing

Running paid digital marketing campaigns specifically with Facebook using the Facebook pixel. It’s not very economical to spend money to acquire followers, but you can spend a little bit of money on Facebook to create a custom audience, we want to get that Facebook pixel set up on a custom URL. So when a visitor clicks on the ad to land on your homepage, you get that custom audience who might follow you on Spotify.

13. Reaching out to PR outlets

Reaching out to PR outlets or music blogs will definitely help you get those extra followers. Either get a directory of music blogs on the internet or do your own research and get all the contact information of music blogs on the internet, narrow it down to the people in your town or your country, and then spend time to reach out to all of these blogs and you will get placements (depending on how good your music is of course), and when you get those placements, give them your ‘Follow’ links. This will open a new channel of an audience to your music.

14. Collaborate

Make a playlist that benefits all parties; with the support of these platforms, it could rank high in Spotify searches. Send an email or use the websites to send a proposal with your playlist concept. Remember to position yourself as a curator who can work efficiently and on time.

15. Purchase followers

To cut the time short most of the brands and businesses rely on purchasing some followers from outside providers to get the required head start. Purchasing followers for Spotify is an ideal shortcut to increase your social proof and gain more engagement naturally. However, it is quite risky if you don’t know if the place you’re buying from is safe. To make the task easy for you, we tested some Best Sites To Buy Spotify Followers. We took our time to thoroughly analyze to fetch the accurate result of terms of quality, consistency, and customer support provided by each company.

Here is a list of websites that offer premium Spotify followers services. These websites provide affordable and reliable services which are trusted by hundreds of musicians.

1 SMMSumo

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There are 15 ideas for Spotify that will help you get more followers. I want to finish this article by telling you to note that Spotify wants to be an essential music platform at the finish of the day. They can help you feel funky and motivated, but they seldom become direct sales for your company. To minimize the effort and time you always have the option to purchase some followers from these popular vendors. But to be honest, one should never rely solely on purchased followers to attain the greater heights of success for his music on Spotify. But it will surely give you the initial boost required for your musical career.