Tiktok is the #1 non-gaming app in Appstore, and #1 social media app on all platforms. These days, most of us are obsessed with TikTok but none of us has no genuine idea about the algorithm works. So, TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on vertical videos. It was formerly known as musical.ly, a small video publishing app that allowed a user to upload a 15 seconds clip. Musical.ly had a very decent number of user base of over a hundred million. In the month of August, 2018 it was taken over by a Chinese company named Bytedance and reintroduced as TikTok.

TikTok has two formats of videos, there is 15 seconds format video, and another one is 60 seconds format video. TikTok uses certain parameters like watch time or second mark to consider a video is really doing well or not. If you pass a certain watch time or second mark, they are going to start pushing your video to more “For You” pages. Now this “For You” page is kind of like an explore page and if your video lands on people’s “For You” page that means you get noticed. That’s the biggest way to grow on TikTok is allowing you to push your video to people’s “For You” page. However, we will discuss now how exactly we can do that.


So how many TikTok videos should one post per day? There is doubt many people have, like how often do I post? Are there such things as posting too much or posting too little? Well, the answer is preferably you should post 3 TikTok videos per day, but no less than 1 TikTok video per day. So there is actual science to this, why we post 3 videos daily.

The reasons why you want to do this are: Firstly, when you look at your profile page you will notice each row consisted of 3 videos, every day fill up those rows. So people when come and visit your profile page, it looks congruent and orderly. Just a few examples who do this consistently: Sarah Magusara, the dancer girl from Australia. She currently has almost 10 million followers and she consistently fills her 3 videos every day. Secondly, not every one of your videos is going to make it to the “For You” page, if you post one video a day. If the video is not very good then you are not gonna make it to the “For You” page either that day which means less exposure and less familiarity of your content among the audience. Thirdly, TikTok likes consistency. For all videos that go super-viral, it actually has to go through a manual check by a real human person. If you upload very often, it is more than likely the person sitting on the other end will approve and push your post.


There are many kinds of videos that work well in TikTok, not any particular kind. From finely polished, perfectly edited Art or performance video to low effort homemade clips, from well-made animation videos to poor quality lip sync video, every type of content is present in TikTok created by people all over the world. Since the app was not made for any particular interest, one needs to engage a whole lot of audiences. So this might be tricky, you have to either make a wonderful and surprising video or doing something crazy, completely out of the box.

But finding such contents every day is not going to be a piece of cake, here is what you can do when you run out of your unique ideas. You can take your time and look around the discover section, see what is being uploaded by famous TikTok users. Which kinds of videos are getting the greatest amount of likes, which videos of other peoples are going viral at this time, is it something informative or sport based. Then try to reproduce similar contents but with your own taste and experiments.


You can film a video that you did today, at the end of the day you can share videos like This is the coolest thing that happened to me, this is the weirdest thing that happened to me and do it every single day and keep it consistent content.

Try music videos, it can be funny, it can be serious, or a parody, just take a song, any of the millions of the songs and make a TikTok video. You can try recipe making or sharing the perfect cup of your morning cappuccino if you have a hard time cooking. A how-to video about something you are good at, show off the secret talent you kept from everybody till today, everyone is good at something isn’t it? Then explain exactly how to do whatever it is that you do. You can also try to review a song, movie, or a book trust me people love reviews. Try motivational quotes to make other’s day more positive.

There are literally thousands of ideas out there, so you can pick one up each day and keep experimenting with new content every day.


Stay updated with what is going around you. If you visit the trending section of TikTok you will definitely notice some videos that are doing something with current trends, videos like music videos on kiki do you love me, or maybe a Tesla truck video. Take your time to absorb those trends, they hold a huge chance to be massively talked about online. Then maybe make a video on it and who knows your video hits the jackpot.

It is possible to make a viral video with the news whether its political, sports-related, or a big gadget coming out. Be the early one to break the news on TikTok, maybe it’s a massive tornado coming or Trump’s work of reshaping the federal judiciary, news like these can get millions of views in a very short amount of time. So don’t shy away to pass the big news to the platform and profit from it.


TikTok is not intended for any particular field of viewers, so you have a very short span of time to captivate an audience. A user will generally spend one to three seconds to decide if he or she is going to watch the whole video. So add something really engaging that will not allow an audience to leave without seeing what happens next.

For example, I have seen videos where people literally saying: Hey wait! don’t swipe, I have something fantastic to show you — then he starts doing his stuff. And because of this most of the visitors will really stop to see what is going on. So you get the idea, do something or say something interesting that is going to captivate the visitor for more couple of seconds to your video, this way you have a bigger chance to get more followers for your account and potentially get a video viral.


Do share your content on other social media platforms, as a post or story. Let other people reach your content from all other platforms. In your Instagram story share the link or your TikTok profile. This way they can follow you just by swiping up. And why only Instagram, you can share the link on Facebook stories, Twitter blogs, Pinterest feeds also. This way when a person follows you on Instagram or YouTube, he/she will certainly follow you on TikTok also.


TikTok favors engagement tremendously. Creating a caption that is both descriptive and intriguing will give your viewers to talk about which will result in more comments and more engagements on a video. In other words, captions equals comments equals more distribution of your content. So here are a few suggestions for crafting a good TikTok caption: you can use a song lyrics, you can use a joke or a pun, or ask a question maybe about how this video ending is going to be, etc. TikTok gives you 140 characters you can use for your caption so make sure you utilize all of those as best as you can, but also save room for hashtags which will indicate what the entire content of the video is about.

Unless you are already an established figure on TikTok, users will most likely not be searching for you, so it is your job to bring them to you with the use of hashtags. When it comes to TikTok hashtags, a mistake most of us make is simply using the trending or popular hashtags and simply calling that ‘good’. The issue is that is what every other user does as well, and your videos disappear fast from those hashtag results. Here is what you want to do when you upload content, you want to incorporate hashtags that are both popular and trending and also those that have a specific niche. Here is an example, if I were to create that is related to some Christmas trend, I might include hashtags which are popular such as #winterbreak, #holidaycountdown, #makeitfestive and I might also include a mix of hashtags that are relevant to specific things in the video such as #christmastree, #santaclaus, etc. Using hashtags like this, creating a mix will help your videos to get a considerably huge amount of views.


Most people think that timing doesn’t matter, a content is content and it will go viral if it’s meant to. But that’s not true, timing matters significantly. So, of course, you need to know your audience to know which time to post. To do that you need to upgrade your TikTok account to Pro TikTok account, it is completely free and very useful because it gives you additional insights into account analytics and audience insights. Use this to determine the time that is best for you to post your content.


There are plenty of apps out there that offers to improve your video. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Filmora aro those top-notch editors to create incredible content. So you should grab one to enhance the quality that TikTok filters and editors won’t offer. Add sounds, effects, animations whatever you feel will enhance the video, do it. Also, remember the soundtracks that are trending on TikTok play a vital role to further promote your video, so use trending music, and use outside effects to make the super content for your account.


So to conclude, let us recap what we learned, post a lot of videos, at least 3 videos daily to reach the Trending page faster. You have plenty of content to experiment on but if you ever seek motivation, the For You page is there. Don’t shy away to try all the possible contents to figure out what is working for you, what the audience loves to see, leave no stone unturned. If you are into Instagram, check the blog on the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Always wisely edit the first few seconds of your video, to keep them engaged until the end of the video. Discover the best time to post your videos, and spread it in as many platforms as possible. Captions and Hashtags are a must and incorporate them innovatively. Do utilize outside Softwares or editors to make the best video possible. So, good luck for your first two weeks, hope you create some phenomenal and viral post from here on, Ciao! 🙂