In the era of Social Media, Instagram is currently one of the most trendy social apps on the market for sharing updates about our lives or business or any hot news about popular celebrities. This social media platform has now turned to be the most important and mandatory marketing tool to attract the followers or get more Instagram followers through their visual content. This serves as an excellent medium for young artists, musicians and rappers alike; for a bunch of striking videos or a couple of gorgeous profile pictures can make you quite famous, provided you use this photo and video sharing social networking app effectively. Having more followers in your social media account equals higher visibility. We discussed the top 10 providers that offers Instagram Followers Engagement. This review and analysis will provide highlights and ratings of each service to help you identify the best site to buy Instagram followers.

Table of Contents

  1. How our Review Works
  2. Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2020
  3. Service Providers Comparison Table
  4. Pros and Cons Of Buying Instagram Followers
  5. Does Buying Followers work?
  6. How to Get More Followers on Instagram
  7. How does having numerous followers helps my business?
  8. How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2020
  9. Final Words

How Our Review Works

We, at ChaoGolden, is here to test some of the best Instagram Marketing services offered on the internet. We took the time to thoroughly analyze every supplier to ensure the quality, consistency, and customer support that each company offered us, with an extensive survey of various companies selling this service to ensure you’re getting the most out of the ever-powerful social media platform. So that next time when buying from them, we make sure you’re buying and actually getting high-quality Instagram Engagement. If driving traffic on your Instagram profile has been challenging for you, then you came to the right place!

We analyzed Each website according to the grading on these criterias listed below:

  • Features Score (supported networks, services and extra facilities)
  • Ease of Use (UI/UX experience)
  • Pricing (Type of payment modes accepted, pricing compared to market, payment security)
  • Customer Support Score (Customer care reach, live chat feature availability)
  • Trust Score (Service Quality, Delivery, Retention, Safe to Use)

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers in 2020:

Getting substantial amount of followers on Instagram can be very troublesome. Thankfully, there are businesses that specialize in this arena and can easily get the job done for you. However, it can also be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing or from whom you’re purchasing services from. With our extensive analysis, readers will be able to use the results to help find the best place to buy Instagram followers according to their needs.

4.   5. Famoid   6. Mr. Insta 

1. SMMSumo: Most Reliable Place To Buy Followers!

SMMSUMO’s Score & Metrics:
4.9/5 5/5 4.9/5 100%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

1000 followers for $19

For the last 5 years, SMMSumo has been a good performer in the industry. They offer guaranteed quality likes and claim to be one of the few companies that guarantee their service. SMMSumo states that the likes they help you acquire are from real profiles and will remain. We ordered 1,000 Instagram followers to test their services, and we were not disappointed. We received high-quality followers, and we even got more than what we ordered. Overall, SMMSumo is one of the highest-quality Instagram follower providers around, which actually seem to work and provided above average retention rate with a solid retention guarantee. Apart from increasing followers for your Instagram profile, they also offer growth and engagement services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and SoundCloud. With 24×7 customer support, a team of seasoned experts and a knack for quality promotion, SMMSumo makes sure you are pleased from start to finish.


+ High Quality Followers
+ 2 Year Free Refill Protection
+ Reasonable Pricing
+ 24×7 Customer Support


– Does not sell comments

The methods of purchasing from SMMSumo is quite simple. All you need to do is to sign up through our dashboard and pay for your preferred package. Within no time, their team of experts will provide high-quality engagement to improve your credibility and presence. To give you more confidence in its service, SMMSumo also offers a 2 Years Free Refill protection with money-back guarantee.

Visit Website

2. FollowersZeal: Easy, Fast & 2 Year Guranteed!

FollowersZeal’s Score & Metrics:
4.8/5 4.7/5 4.5/5 100%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

1000 followers for $19

FollowersZeal is an elite team of social marketing experts with over 7+ years of experience. Ever since Instagram launched in 2011, FollowersZeal has always maintained its title of the leading expert within the Instagram services. They stated that the followers they help you acquire are real Instagram users and will remain. We bought 1,000 Instagram Followers from FollowersZeal to see if their products and services could live up to the hype. We received high-quality followers and with more than what we ordered from them. The order was processed within 24-hours after purchasing the order and was completed within 2 days. As every pack from this site comes with 2 years free refill protection and money back guarantee, you can rest assured that the transaction and deal will be genuine.


+ High Quality Instagram Users
+ 2 Year Free Refill Protection
+ Delivered Organically
+ 24×7 Customer Support


– Services Limited to Popular Platforms only

We purchased 1,000 Instagram Followers from FollowersZeal to check their products and services. Legit and active Instagram Followers are delivered organically via real profiles and more in quantity than that was asked for. Their customer support is top-notch, with a very friendly (and quick) response to our questions. We also noticed that they keep updating their website and their prices are quite low compared to other websites. We recommend the services of FollowersZeal to anyone who wants to boost their social proof on Instagram.

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3. QQSumo: Boost Your Authority in Social Media!

QQSumo’s Score & Metrics:
4.7/5 4.5/5 4.4/5 99%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

2000 followers for $36

QQSumo offers social media boosting services for most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud and many more. They have a long track record as they have been in business since 2013, and are based in the London, UK. Ordering a service or campaign is probably one of the best experiences we’ve had, and easy to reach via opening a ticket, or via live chat if you have issues.


+ High Quality Services
+ 2 Year Free Refill Protection
+ Real Engagement from Real People
+ 24×7 Customer Support


– Telegram Services not available

We ordered 500 Followers from them to test out their services. We were impressed with the way the whole thing went down! The service was completed within 2 days, and the retention rate was well over 63%. Their website is professional, easy to use, and well organized despite the wide array of services offered. Customer support was excellent, and in terms of quality, value for money and the service we received, everything was first-rate.

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4. AlwaysViral: Go Viral on Social Media!

AlwaysViral’s Score & Metrics:
4.5/5 4.2/5 4.2/5 98%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

2000 followers for $36

AlwaysViral is also a good company to buy quality Instagram Followers. They also offer services for a variety of other social networks. Their website appears very professional, unlike a lot of other companies in this industry. The sizes of their Likes packages are suitable for almost all small and medium-scale business. They also have pretty solid customer protections in place, which means they hit at all the major high points we looked out for.


+ Free Refill Protection for 2 Years
+ High Quality Engagement
+ Delivered Organically
+ Premium Customer Support


– Straightforward Pricing, No FAQ Section

We ordered 2000 Instagram Followers from them to see if they could deliver what they promise. The ordering process was also very quick and easy, users just only need to share their Instagram profile URL while ordering for the service. Most of the likes were from Facebook profiles who were seemed to be active and have profiles which are quite old. They accept multiple payment gateway options like PayPal and credit cards/debit cards an even bitcoins and bank transfers.

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5. Famoid

Famoid’s Score & Metrics:
3.7/5 3.6/5 3.7/5 64%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

1000 followers for $15.95

Established in 2017, Famoid is a social media promotions company based in Delaware, USA. They offer a variety of services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The company is known for providing real and active users for all their packages. They accept SafeCharge, PayPal, major credit cards, and debit cards.


+ Services available for popular platforms
+ Delivered Quickly


– Not Real People
– No Refund or Retention Policy
– Incomplete Service Delivery
– Drop in Engagement

We ordered 2000 Instagram Followers from them to see if they could deliver what they promise. The ordering process is also very quick and easy, users just only need to share their Instagram profile URL while ordering for the service. Most of the Followers were from low quality Instagram profile profiles who were seemed to be ghost accounts as the profiles looks too fake. They accept multiple payment gateway options like PayPal and credit cards/debit cards an even bitcoins and bank transfers.

6. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta’s Score & Metrics:
2.5/5 2.1/5 2.3/5 38%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

500 followers for $25

Mr. Insta is a dedicated to providing Instagram promotional tools. It offers free followers and likes for new members, giving them a good starting point. This website it does not guarantee us the prompt and quality delivery of the followers and likes.This means if you get the followers delivered then there is nog guarantee if the followers were of good quality or not AND,You can’t even ask for a refund as they don’t entertain refunds.


+ Various Services available
+ Secured HTTPs website


– Expensive Services
– Low Quality Engagement
– Drop in Followers
– Difficult in reaching Customer Service

Mr. Insta offers various Instagram followers packages, ranging from 250 to 20,000 followers which are quite expensive. Moreover, they also uniquely sell Male or Female followers. We ordered 500 Followers from them to check if their service is legit. Their delivery started after 72 hours of ordering. If you are someone who is looking for a shout out about your product or services to quality accounts and if you are someone who is banking on this for building the credibility and product image, then you may have to consider twice due to their lack of transparency.

7. Stormlikes

Stormlike’s Score & Metrics:
1.8/5 1.7/5 1.8/5 22%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

1000 followers for $12.99

StormLikes is a Social media service provider known for offering Instagram likes on your posts. They were founded in 2009 and are based in the US. They only offer services for Instagram, which include Likes, Automatic Likes and Followers.


+ Wide Range of Instagram Services available
+ Decent Pricing


– Mostly Fake Engagement
– Incomplete Service Delivery
– Canned Customer Support Response
– Drop in Followers Count

To test Stormlikes, we ordered 1000 Followers from them. The main concern with Stormlikes is the quality of followers you will get, as some followers do not look like authentic users, and that they failed to deliver our entire order. The customer service is automated, which means you won’t be able to contact them about any issues.

8. Plusmein

Plusmein’s Score & Metrics:
1.4/5 1.3/5 1.2/5 13%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

2000 followers for $17.90

Plusmein offers growth and engagement services for Instagram. This includes followers, likes, views, and comments. They also have the option to provide free 15 Instagram followers but unfortunately the followers were really bad and of low quality which eventually disappeared.


+ Instagram Services available


– Incomplete Service Delivery
– Canned Customer Support Response
– Drop in Followers Count
– Engagement mostly fake

We ordered 2000 followers from Plusmein, and we had to wait around 15 hours till we started receiving engagement from them. Their delivery started after 20 hours, and we only received 150 Followers (approx.) and their service seemed like to stop. We checked this website for online legitimacy, and we found that most of the customers were not happy as their order was not completed.

9. iDigic

iDigic’s Score & Metrics:
0.9/5 0.7/5 0.9/5 9%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

1000 followers for $12.95

iDigic is a website where you can buy followers, likes, and views for your Instagram profile. Unlike other social media marketing services they do not guarantee the permanency of the followers or quality, consistency etc. They also mentioned on their website that the followers will share your images within their networks in the initial stage.


+ Ease of Purchase


– Incomplete Service
– Irresponsive customer support
– Fake Accounts used
– Software automated engagement

We placed an order for 1000 followers from them. The delivery was quick but sadly the order was never completed. iDigic offers to replace followers that drop off. So far, we have not received any replacement yet. Moreover, the remaining engagement was also dropped which we were quite disappointed with. We do not recommend iDigic as an ideal platform for any social media engagement.

10. Buy1000Followers

Buy1000Followers’s Score & Metrics:
0.3/5 0.3/5 0.2/5 4%
Quality Delivery Retention Safe

1000 followers for $12.99

Buy1000Followers has been in business since 2013, and have offered a variety of social media marketing services for different platforms during that time. Buy1000Followers provides limited customer support with no authentic policy of satisfaction. They provide 30-day replacement guarantee on selected plans and platforms only, while others have no guarantee at all.


+ Secured Website


– Incomplete Delivery
– Software geneated engagement
– Drop in Followers Count
– No refund was initiated

We purchased 1000 Instagram followers from Buy1000Followers to check their legitimacy. They did not complete the delivery of our package. Moreover, many of the accounts were pure spam accounts that used generic hashtags in order to promote their spam services. We also discovered that most of their services are automated by software which means no real engagement at all. The only way to contact them is through their contact form. Overall, we do not recommend their website because they did not provide basic features such as customer support and replacement warranty, along with the lack of a refund policy.

10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2020 (Comparison Table)

Recommended Websites Rating Price of 1000 Followers Safe Quality Delivery Retention
1. SMMSumo 5.0/5 $19 100% 4.9/5 5/5 4.9/5
2. FollowersZeal 4.9/5 $19 100% 4.8/5 4.7/5 4.5/5
3. QQSumo 4.9/5 $19 99% 4.7/5 4.5/5 4.4/5
4. AlwaysViral 4.8/5 $19 98% 4.5/5 4.2/5 4.2/5
5. Famoid 3.7/5 $15.95 64% 3.7/5 3.6/5 3.7/5
6. Mr. Insta 2.4/5 $40 38% 2.5/5 2.1/5 2.3/5
7. Stormlikes 1.8/5 $12.99 22% 1.8/5 1.7/5 1.8/5
8. Plusmein 1.3/5 $9.90 13% 1.4/5 1.3/5 1.2/5
9. iDigic 0.8/5 $12.95 13% 0.9/5 0.7/5 0.9/5
10. Buy1000Followers 0.3/5 $12.99 4% 0.3/5 0.3/5 0.2/5

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Having a lot of followers for your Instagram profile is a great way to increase brand awareness for businesses. Building a huge base of loyal audience organically is a very time-consuming which most business owners don’t have. Luckily, you can now gain thousands of followers instantly just by purchasing them. However, there’s great controversy surrounding this subject, and you want to make sure it’s the right choice before diving in. The decision to use (or not use) these services are influenced by several factors. Below, we mentioned The Pros And Cons Of Buying Instagram Followers. Have a look and then decide for yourself if purchasing Instagram Followers is right for you.

The Pros:

👍 Jumpstart Your Profile Right Away

Growing your account on Instagram can take a lot of time. In recent times, the platform has become very competitive as it was used to be earlier. That is why it is very difficult to gain followers now, more than ever, as there are so many users on the platform to choose from. Therefore, by purchasing followers, without having to wait for months, or years until your account expands.

👍 Increase your following Naturally

If you have a brand on Instagram, you might be surrounded by other profiles that offer similar value to the consumers. As mentioned earlier, growing followers organically can be very difficult. When you Buy Instagram Followers from a reputed company like SMMSumo or FollowersZeal, potential customers will see that you have a high amount of followers and choose to follow you instead of them.

👍 Raise Audience Engagement Within No time

When you already have a satisfactory number of authentic followers on your account, it’s certain that this would impact the other fellow Instagram users and force them to interact with your content. This leads to better circulation of your quality posts in the feed of the users, and they are tempted to engage. On the other hand, when you don’t buy followers, you would have to wait for a long time to reach a degree of popularity on social media.

The Cons:

👎 Risk of Account Purge

If you don’t buy Instagram Following from a reputable company, chances are there that Instagram may eliminate all those followers as they mostly are fake, meaning that you could end up with your number of followers halved overnight. Everything comes back to square one. Therefore, in such case, it is recommended only to buy from Quality Providers.

👎 Account May not Be Real

Buying these services would simply give you an initial boost. To be successful, you’ll still need to engage your fans with marketing campaigns. Besides, most of these accounts are made to increase the authenticity and credibility of your profile. This means you still have to work hard to earn real followers, otherwise you won’t be able to expand on Instagram.

👎 Beware of Scammers

Above all, scamming on these type of businesses are too common. A lot of these companies that sell these services are fake and scams. That is why you should always follow the reviews provided on Chao Golden to find the best providers of Instagram Followers Service.

Does Buying Followers work?

One of the main benefits of buying Instagram followers is increase in exposure. Many people/brands regularly buy followers as they can help reach much wider audience on Instagram with ease. Moreover, the more followers you have, the more likely it is that more people will follow you when they come across your post. If you are new to Instagram or you are struggling to get a new business off the ground, buying followers can help you to get to the next level.

How does having numerous followers helps my business?

Imagine you’ve just discovered an artist on Instagram who has only 10 followers. The question you’re going to ask yourself is “Why should I follow him/her if no one else does?” And now, imagine the following situation: An user visits your Instagram Profile and discovers that you have over 4000+ followers. Then the question he/she is going to ask himself is completely different, “Why am I not following him when so many people are doing it?” As you can see, Purchasing Instagram Followers from credible websites can really boost your Instagram authority for your business.

Can people tell you’ve bought followers?

No, it is nearly impossible to tell whether someone has purchased followers or not. However, you need to make sure you purchase from a reputable website only as they provide real followings only.

Is Buying Instagram followers a good idea?

Yes, if you are looking to increase your account credibility and authenticity quickly then you need to buy Instagram followers. However, you need to be aware of scammers as they may steal your money and your personal information and scam you. Only choose from Chao Golden’s Instagram Followers Reviews to Buy legit and authentic Followers and get the best of your expense!

How can I share my purchasing Instagram Followers service experience?

It’s just that easy! You can post your own feedback on our review of that provider, or just ping us once if we haven’t yet reviewed the company you used.

Does having many followers helps my business grow?

Of course, it does. Followers are simply the people who are interested in your profile contents. So obviously, the more followers you have, the greater your reach is. When you are new, growing your fan base is a real challenge and this is when buy Instagram followers becomes important.

Can buying Instagram followers get you banned?

Buying followers may violate the Instagram Terms of Service and Instagram may choose to ban you. However, this can easily be avoided by purchasing high-quality Instagram followers from a reputable seller like SMMSumo or FollowersZeal as tested by our Chao Golden experts.

Will the followers I buy disappear?

If you buy from a reputable providers like SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, QQSumo, or AlwaysViral, then the followers will not drop. Even in the case of drops, these top websites provide 2 Years Free Refill protection, which none of the other providers were able to provide us.

Which site is best to buy Instagram followers?

To find the best site to buy Instagram Followers in 2020, there are some factors you need to consider, like paying attention to the customer’s account protection, such as service warranty, privacy policies, and service terms.

Other important factors include refill policies, reliability and the consistency of the accounts that follow your profile and how they engage with your content.

Moreover, it can also be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing or from whom you’re purchasing Instagram Followers from. That is why, we, at Chao Golden, took the liberty to test some of the best Instagram Marketing services offered on the internet. We tested these top competitive website for all of these factors and more, and summarized these websites according to their Instagram Followers service credibility. Be sure to read them!

How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2020

Check out the following steps and best tips to grow your Instagram audience today!

1. Optimize your Instagram Bio

When you initially create an account on Instagram, just make sure to fill up the bio section correctly. Use targeted keywords as they clarify what kind of content people can find on your Instagram profile.

2. Post Quality Contents

If you’re looking for success on Instagram, you need to know what to post about. Some of these factors include being consistent, having a theme like page for your Instagram profile, and posting curated videos.

3. Run Contests

For most businesses, competitions on social media (Ex-Polls) are a great way to attract users and get engagement directly for their account. The easiest way is to give rewards to users who share and invite friends to join. This in turn attracts more users which results in more engagement on Instagram.

Final Words

Instagram is truly a valuable social media platform to build an audience and get your name out there. If you don’t align your marketing plans with Instagram strategically, you’ll fall behind your competitors. To earn a reputation, you will need a massive number of Followers. And, that’s why we took care and listed the best site to buy Instagram Followers in 2020 so that you can get you start with ease. It’s important to first establish a goal before deciding on the provider you want to choose. However, buying Instagram Followers shouldn’t be considered the cure-all to marketing. It’s simply a boost for brands to get noticed.

There are always tons of other ways to gain more exposure, more attention and of course, more organic Followers. That is why we’ve put together this nice, comprehensive guide on optimizing your Instagram profile to maximize your engagements.